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Most Points Earned From A Single Scrabble Tile

United States

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States / November 3, 2014

Sam W. scored 144 points after placing one tile during a game of Scrabble.

- points must be awarded after the placement of a single tile
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Leslie Connito

    I just scored 873 points on one word, exurbia, but don't know how to let scrabble records know. I have pictures but there are on places to record it. The total points for the game was 1025 in that game. anybody know where to post this?

  • United States Stuart Klimek

    With a single 'S', one can score 213 points:

    1. Beginning wiith an A on the initial double-word square, ADJUST... 2.(ADJUST)OR 3.HYD(R)O 4.(HYDRO)XZINE
    2. Again, from the A of ADJUST, but perpendicular to the word: (A)LLERGIC... 6.TE(C)H 7.(TECH)NIQUE 8.MICRO(TECHNIQUE) Finally, a single letter (S) is played: 9.(MICROTECHNIQUE)S and (HYDROXZINE)S = 213 points

    Now that is how it is done! Easy as 1-2-3. (It is interesting that the same digits are used in the number of points with Alex's ZOOSPERMS and this solution, 132 and 213).

  • United States Stuart Klimek

    Probably not the highest, but placing an 'O', between the two words 'PSYCH' and 'ANALYZE', and at the head of 'PACIFYING', on a triple-word-square would garner 168 points. 'PACIFYING' could have been formed by a bingo-forming 'PACIFY' + 'G' around 'IN' where the 'I' was on the initial double-word square. Then, a simple word, such as 'APT', could have been placed crossing the first letter of 'PACIFYING' so that the other two words may be placed before the 'O'-placement, with the formation of the two-letter words 'HM' and 'AT'. 168 points is 36 more than what is garnered by the 'Z'-placement at the head of Alex's two 'OOSPERMS'.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    This is brilliantly executed. Nicely done, Alex. Look forward to seeing if anyone raises the bar.

  • United States Alex Cunningham

    Brb breaking

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    We cannot accept Ahon's attempt for two reasons.

    A.) The first move in Scrabble must incorporate the middle "red" square at the center of the board. This square is wide open in the top - left corner of the photograph.

    B.)Spaz is a slang word for "spastic". Official Scrabble wules do not allow the use of slang words.

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      (A) The box rules do mention that the initial word placement must cover the center square, yet the "Official Tournament" rules make an exception in that a word may be placed anywhere on the board and scored, such that the placement was not challenged by the other player before taking his/her turn. This rule is similar to the permissivity of letting bogus words remain played on the board. Though often, or sometimes, noted separately, records of official games that involve bogus words are still found in the record books.

      (B) On the contrary, prior to 1976 there was no mention of disallowing slang words in the Scrabble rules, and the rule changes that occured in 1976 and afterward have specifically mentioned that slang words ARE permissible (as long as each word is in the acceptable dictionary, and, like all other unchallenged words played, is not always capitalized, not designated as foreign, not an abbreviation, not a prefix or suffix, and does not require an apostrophe or hyphen). The word SPAZ is even utilized and noted in an "official" record for the current record for the highest combined score of a theoretically played game consisting of all valid Tournament Word List (TWL) words. The 3996 point solution was first presented by Austrailia's Nathan Hedt, and can be found in some Scrabble record "books" and Scrabble trivia websites.

  • I find it highly unlikely that a legitimate game between people who use the SOWPODS would ever take a course to result in this play.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Definitley is definitely not a word.

  • United States Gib Mitchell

    I checked my words according to SOWPODS so the record should remain.

  • United States Gib Mitchell

    Hello. It is me, Gib Mitchell. People have been saying that i cheated and i should not deserve this. I e-mailed back Rob Birdsong for making the mistake of counting the points incorrectly. When I emailed in my acheivment I did say that it was '63' points, and NOT '69' points. Therefore I am not a cheater. 'OO' and 'ZO' are most definitley words!

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Noted and corrected.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Again, both ZO and OO are acceptable in the SOWPODS dictionary:

  • according to the dictionary on Scrabble's facebook page, neither OO nor ZO are words.

  • yea ur right. so he's a double cheater for miscounting and using a fake word. ZO

  • yea ur right. so he's a double cheater for miscounting and using a fake word. ZO

  • yea ur right. so he's a double cheater for miscounting and using a fake word. ZO

  • cheater. ZO isn't a word. this record shouldn't count

  • United States Jason Friedline

    ZO is not a word. Look it up

  • Wouldn't a triple letter score result in a total score of 63? Z (10x3=30) O (1) = 31 Z (10x3=30) OO(2) = 32 31+32=63

  • United States Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    Both American Heritage and Random House dictionaries cite "oops" as an interjection used to acknowledge a minor mistake. The term is said to have originated from the 1920's and/or 1930's. And no, you don't look like a fool. I had to look "oo" up as well. ;)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Now I'm going to look like a fool. Based on Erathosthenes' comment, I went back and looked in the SOWPODS word list: Both ZO and OO are acceptable words. Can anyone confirm whether OOPS is acceptable? I'm almost positive it is. Based on the likelihood this is in fact a seemingly kosher board, we're going to revert the record back to Approved until better evidence is offered that shows otherwise. My bad.

  • United States Alexander Paul Kleinschmidt

    That depends. I forgot certain regulations of Scrabble. Do either of the definitions of "oo" fit as an acceptable term for the game?

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    scrabbleking - Excellent observation. So you know, our ultimate vision with URDB is to make it a platform for world records, not a site where we (as founders) serve as judges. We're in the midst of building tools that will allow the entire community to vote on, vet and ultimately verify record submissions. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to continue calling foul in the manner you've done. Based on your comment, we've Denied this record submission. Thanks. You put the "king" in scrabbleking.

  • Idiots! Look at Go and Ooops. Are they saying OO was a word before the Z was put down? This whole site should be taken down based on this RIDICULOUS posting.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    'ZO' is acceptable by SOWPODS dictionary standards, but not by National Scrabble Association rules used in the United States: We should probably start splitting these records into two different threads, yeah? Should Mitchell, as an American, be allowed to set SOWPODS records? My gut says yes, as long as he clearly defines it in the submission.

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    'ZO' - Can we confirm this is a word? Definition I have found says it is a variant of the word 'ZOO'

  • Ohms are units of electrical resistance. The reciprocal is a mho, a unit of conductance. :)

  • what are you, 8 years old? Any numbnuts can drop a "Z" or "Q" on a triple-letter going across and down and get 62 points. 28 points? c'mon man, this is minor-league scrabble. try again.

  • I wouldn't get too carried away. That same online scrabble dictionary incorrectly defines MHO as a unit of electrical conductance. The actual spelling is OHM. :)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Peter, if you ever lay an X again in this scenario and score 54, document it and we'll put it on the site. Hopefully your opponent will be a willing witness. That said, I still vote to deny this record based on usage of an unacceptable word.

  • No way, i've laid an x in the same situation for a total of 54

  • I use the Hasbro online dictionary when I play and "ew" is not in there:

  • playing an "x" woulda been more. just sayin'

  • United States Danny Infinite

    So, I'm no expert in Scrabble. Do abbreviations count? EW is short for electronic warfare, not a synonym. But if abbreviations count, then it's good. Sucks when records become controversial don't it.

  • ew noun military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine or exploit or reduce or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum [syn: electronic warfare] (this is the Websters definition...Watch Lost every Wednesday)

  • The Internet Deborah Hampton

    EW - out. sorry Golding... no cheese

  • EW is NOT an acceptable Scrabble word! Not is OSPD4, not in tournament play.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    I agree with Vanschua. "EW" is not a valid word. DENY!

    • United States Stuart Klimek

      Not valid in tournament play, but it is a word not invalidated by the "box rules." Scrabble "box rules" (1976 and onward) permit the players to choose any standard dictionary for their game. The word EW, as an abbreviation for electonic warfare, is, of course, invalid. Yet, the word can be found in the 1913 edition of Webster's Revised Unabridged dictionary as a Chaucerian and obsolete variant spelling of YEW, and currently in the Oxford Dictionary as an informal interjection (also spelled EWW) used to express disgust or distaste. Just as there have been records that have permitted words like BENZOXYYCAMPHORS and SESQUIOXIDIZING (the latter not appearing in any standard dictionary), there should be records in Scrabble that permit the use of words like EW. Already existing are records where nonsense or otherwise ngly nonsensical words are used,such as those in Clabbers, a Scrabble variant where the letters of "officially" valid Scrabble words are anagrammed on the board, often into non-words.

  • and yes 'FUNDERS' is a word FUNDER (FUNDERS) a provider of money

  • While at the time this seemed viable, after some research it was discovered that 'EW' is not recognized as a valid Scrabble word. This sketchy use of the letter 'w' enabled Mr. Golding to win the game. I officially call Shennanigans on this move and reference the links below. You lose Golding and I win. Suck it

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