Largest Multi-Song High School Lip Dub Video

United States Brien McMahon High School

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Norwalk, Connecticut, United States / October 25, 2012

1,700 senior students from Brien McMahon High School participated in a multi-song lip dub video. It took them four months to plan the feat. They set the record as a remembrance of their high school years.

- all participants must appear in the video
- must be a single-take video featuring people mouthing song lyrics
- video must include at least five songs


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  • United States Addison


    This is the term and high school I joined and when I purchased the Model S five years ago I approached a team of scientists with the idea to have students experience their first car and fly. hopefully. I do have for her. The trend has been kept alive over the past few years, adding X and car package sensors that allow us to design demos. Students always appreciate the benefits.

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Dan Rollman

    I replaced "mashup" with "multi-song" after doing research and discovering a mashup involves mixing tracks on top of one another.

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