Largest Group Of People To Say "Break Cancer" Upon Completion Of A Marathon Or Half-Marathon

San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathoners

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San Antonio, Texas, United States / November 14, 2010

Seven people finished the 2010 San Antonio Rock & Roll Full & Half-Marathon[] said “Break cancer!” after their completion of the race.

- all participants must have completed either a marathon or half-marathon


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  • United States zaiya mariya

    zaiya mariya

    This will be a great breakthrough after completing the race of break Cancer Upon Completion Of A Marathon Or Half-Marathon. Bello Signature It this will give an awareness for the people to say break Cancer. The event was a great success.

  • United States milan joy

    milan joy

    In my opinion, arranging such kind of marathon provide a big printer does not print awareness to society about cancer. The brak cancer marathon was really a huge success. The organisers got exactly what they expected. Keep share more such updates here.

  • United States Anna Wiśniewska

    Anna Wiśniewska


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