Most Games Played By Two People In 24 Hours

United States


Libertyville, Illinois, United States / June 21, 2014

Mick Cullen and his friend, William, played a total of 181 board games, box games, and card games in 24 hours. They set the record to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Watch the entire record attempt here.

- games must be able to be played by two players according to the game's official rules
- games must be a commercially produced board games, box game, or card games
- same two participants must play all the games
- each game must be put away in its container before the next game begins
- varieties of the same game are not permissible unless there are substantially different rules (e.g. only one edition of Trivial Pursuit is allowed but both Blokus and Blokus 3D are acceptable)
- kids' games are allowed
- if the rules of a game provide a variation for faster gameplay, it may be used
- participants may not intentionally lose games
- no one may assist the participants in setting up or putting away the games
- time begins as the first game begins to be set up; a game must be fully put away before the 24 hours expire in order to count
 players must keep a log of all games played
- no game may be played more than once
- must provide video evidence


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