Fastest Game Of Othello

United States Grant Fikes

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Abilene, Texas, United States / March 19, 2015

Grant and Jeffrey played a complete game of Othello in 21.73 seconds.

- two players only
- may not touch a piece until previous move has been completed
- must follow standard Othello rules
- players must alternate turns unless one player has no legal moves and forfeits a turn
- timing begins when first piece is placed and ends when final piece is flipped
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Grant Fikes

    Grant Fikes

    With all due respect to Xavier Cullen, it irked me that his record was so beatable and yet unchallenged, so I finally took it upon myself to beat it. Thanks once again to Jeffrey Kight for the assistance!

    I noticed that "must follow form of current world record holder" was added to the rules when my record was accepted. There are several possible 9-move Othello games, including one which makes a pretty diamond shape. Does "must follow form of current world record holder" mean a record is disqualified if it forms the diamond shape instead of. . . whatever shape this is? I hope not! A faster time is a faster time, I say.

    Hoping to snag some more board game world records soon (and maybe some Record Setter merchandise!). :)

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