Longest Game Of Monopoly

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Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States / March 13, 1975

David Monteith, Lazslo Farkas, Mike Dux and Al Henderson played a game of Monopoly that lasted 54 straight hours. The only additional rule they added was unlimited borrowing from the bank to ensure no one went bankrupt.

This game was played from March 13 to March 15, 1975 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Bernadine Yencho was present to time and witness the event.

The attached images show a form that was signed hourly by witnesses throughout the duration of their game.


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  • United States Ryan Hillier

    Monopoly is a drive away from my favorite games. I consider her a veteran of board games. I play it often with my family and it really is fun for all generations.

  • The Internet Caara hunter

    Nope, Pete, myself and 4 others actually were in The Book for a marathon Monopoly tournament in 1981. 27 days and 10 hours. We thought we had been beaten by an English team so it wasn’t until a friend called me 10 years later to ask me if I was the same Caara Fritz in the 1985 book, that I actually found out that we had won.

    • The Internet Caara hunter

      Sorry, myself and 3 others.

    • The Internet Pete Callan

      The 1982 Guinness book of records lists myself, John Cresswell, Paul Taplin and Lesley De Wahl as having played the longest game of monopoly. 408 hours in Shanklin Isle of Wight. This record was beaten a few years later by four Americans. In order for a record to be accepted by Guiness you have to provide them with full details of your attempt, where it will take place etc. You have to play exactly by the rules at the time and have proven witnesses for every hours. You must provide as much supporting evidence as possible such as news clippings etc. If the record cannot be fully ratified then Guinness will not accept it.

  • The Internet Pete Callan

    Me and 3 friends made the Guinness Book of records in 1982 after playing for 408 hours (17 days) Yes ok we had a short break every 4 hours under the marathon rules but we had to provide witnesses for every hour and play by the exact monopoly rules. We also raided a considerable amount of real money for charity. Yes we were young and silly but so what.

  • The Internet Casey Johnson

    The longest monopoly game lasted 70 days

  • no you don't i won a game with out buying nothing once

  • The Internet Joni Karvosenoja

    If you land on a property which is nobody's, you must buy it or auction it.

    • The Internet Pete Callan

      wrong its more complicated than that. You can choose to not buy it. check the rules...An Auction only happens if someone buys the property, then later decides to mortgage it to raise capital. If they purchase it back before passing go then they can buy it back at the mortgaged rate plus 10%....If they pass go a 2nd time without buying it back the "interest" becomes 20%...After passing go a 3rd time they get one final chance to buy the property back at mortgage rate plus 30% ..If they fail to do so then the property is returned to the bank as "Repossessed" The nominated "Banker" then auctions the property off to the other players.

    • The Internet Pete Callan

      Note: When we set our records we played according to the rules at the TIME. I note in fairness that there has been several rule changes which mean a property has to be auctioned if no one buys it when they land on it. I guess that's to ensure a game does not last forever

  • The Internet David Jaques

    Couldn't this go on for longer is no one bought anything? you would only lose money by landing on the chance/cc cards or luxury tax. that might last a while.

  • United States Bernadine Yencho

    Wow. I am impressed. Honestly.

  • what a waste of ti....oh it was in the 70's...not on drugs, hmm yeah it was a waste

  • United States David Monteith

    No breaks, no sleeping, only allowed to go to the bathroom while someone else was taking their turn, had to eat at the table. we were shooting for 100 but only lasted 54. The only drug we used was Coca-Cola. We listened to 'Dark Side of The Moon' often and the 'lunatic WAS in our brains' by the 50th hour. Good times at college.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    I love the dot matrix printer paper

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