Longest Game Of Fetch With A Cat

United States Yan Grinshteyn


Astoria, New York, United States / June 16, 2009

Yan Grinshteyn played fetch with his cat Oscar Boxes Slinkybum for 4 minutes, 11.44 seconds, a new world record. Timing began when Grinshteyn first threw a ball to be caught, and ended when Oscar Boxes Slinkybum brought it back for the last time.

The record was set on June 16, 2009 in Astoria, New York. No witnesses were present.


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  • aww! i lov ur cat!

  • Crazy. My cat looks a lot like your cat, loves to fetch, and even prefers that exact same style of toy ball. I think we can beat your record. Cue the theme to Rocky.

  • Best record ever? I think so.

  • Ai haz fwend in Ball.

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