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Longest Freestyle Rap

United States Andrew Bancroft

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Black Rock City, Nevada, United States / September 1, 2007

Andrew Bancroft, who raps under the pseudonym “Jelly Donut”, picked up a microphone and freestyled non-stop for six minutes and 1.72 seconds.

Bancroft achieved the feat at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada on September 1, 2007.



- must perform freestyle rap. Freestyle rap is defined as lyrics which are improvised, performed with no previously composed lyrics
- rapper may not pause for longer than three seconds; this time may be used to take drinks
- excessive words such as "oh" and "yea" may not be used to extend the rap for longer than three seconds
- rapper may be accompanied by any sort of musical background, but that music does not count towards the length of the rap
- must provide video evidence


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