Most Consecutive Four-Finger Handstand Push-Ups

France Vass Thesupersaiyan


Paris, Île-de-France, France / March 19, 2013

Vass Thesupersaiyan completed two consecutive four-finger handstand push-ups.

- must perform handstand push-ups as demonstrated in the original video
- must use four fingers without the use of middle fingers, ring fingers and pinkies
- may not pause longer than 10 seconds between each push-up


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  • United States Corey Sandefur

    Corey Sandefur

    I don't understand anything about the title of this video. There were no hand stand push ups. He went into a planche then lifted into a hand stand one time. Nothing was consecutive about it considering the only 2 times he goes on 2 fingers were at separate intervals in time. I can do what he does in this video, but I'm not sure how to break the record considering how unclear the description is.

    • France Vass Thesupersaiyan

      Vass Thesupersaiyan

      I was also the same, like " what is that title ? this is totally not related with what i did..." Don't bother about the title, just record your video and submit it after clicked on " break it " on this page. can't wait to see your video :)

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