Fastest Time To Do Bat Spins For 30 Seconds While Impersonating Ryan Seacrest And Then Eat A Lemon Pudding

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Columbia, Missouri, United States / August 5, 2009

Cosmo of the Cosmo amp; JC Radio Show completed 13 bats spins in 30 seconds while impersonating Ryan Seacrest and then ate a container of lemon pudding in one minute, 9.03 seconds.


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  • United States Sonny Tallavajhala

    So you must break both records? You must both have more bat spins and a faster time?

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Correct. We should find out the size of the lemon pudding, but the rest is fairly straightforward.

  • Pardon me, 30 seconds.

  • Canada Ryan Cruise

    what is the record exactly? how fast one can eat the lemon pudding after spinning for 13 seconds and impersonating Ryan Seacrest?

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