Most Digits Of Pi Carved Into A Pumpkin

United States


Sonoma, California, United States / October 20, 2012

Tai Star carved 66 digits of Pi into a pumpkin. He named the resulting Jack-o-Lantern "Pumpkin Pi."

- all numbers must be carved all the way through leaving enough space to see through each number
- must be hand-carved without assistance
- must be lit with candles at the end of attempt
- the Pi sign, the equal sign, the 3, and the decimal are required and not counted
- the ellipsis at the end is also required
- the first rule applies to all symbols and points
- pumpkin must have no external support of any kind
- all numbers with holes, e.g. 9, 8, 6, 0, must have center of hole attached
- do not round up the final carved number


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  • United States Emily Patricia

    You're in the running for the Record of the Year, Tai! Don't forget to tell your friends to vote: (until November 30)

  • Canada Dan Rollman

    Tai, this is brilliant. A+ concept, A+ execution. Very nicely done.

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