Most Deep Squats In Three Minutes


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Kazanlak, Bulgaria / February 6, 2014

Radi M. completed 201 deep squats in three minutes. Read more about the feat here.

- must bend knees and break 90 degrees on each squat
- must return to extension for reps to count
- must hold arms straight out for entire attempt
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet DJ Nate

    Baraa Solieman and William Cannon did NOT follow the form rules to be able to compete in this record category. They should NOT be given credit for this record. They are NOT performing deep squats, they ARE performing only half squats.

    • Germany Baraa Solieman

      ok u may shut up and read the comments i have already posted a link of true motion. it aint my MISTAKE THAT THE JUDGES approved similar motion basically on another record. i love your caps lock.

  • United States Alicia Weber

    Baraa and William did NOT do this exercise correctly. They did not even come close to doing deep squats. They just did mini squat pulses. They should not be competing in this category for deep squats.

    • Germany Baraa Solieman

      i would still beat all the records if i did it to 160 degrees + the rule that didnt make me complete it is that only 90 degrees was required

    • The Internet Andre Turan

      I think you are misunderstanding/abusing the rules.

    • Germany Baraa Solieman

      my left knee got some issues currently. ill probably link you to a youtube video in a week where i do the motion like yours. the cutting of the motion didnt start at this record. it was at 1 min squats and it makes sense that its faster when u dont move your spine and the 90 degrees rule shouldnt have been typed

    • Germany Baraa Solieman i have done a better form squats and i believe the count was over 225 in 3 mins

  • The Internet Andre Turan

    It doesn't seem to me that the judges really look at records. This is the reason I stopped with this organisation. If you try for Guinness or Elite world records you are sure to have judges.

  • Germany Baraa Solieman

    nice form

  • United States Andre Turan

    Hey everybody, I've set a few world records in fitness. Now it's finally easy to verify world records on You can be one of the judges on my three minute deep-squat attempt. Take a look.

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