Most Scars (Female)

United States


Black Rock City, Nevada, United States / August 29, 2008

In a world record that took years to set, Fuscia L’Amour displays an unprecedented 11 unique scars on her body. The scars were documented on August 28, 2008 at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Paul Mitchell and Dan Rollman videotaped Fuscia’s legendary body.



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  • The Internet Fri Bringe

    I've been counting since I was 5 and I have 173 scars. I’m 13.

  • United States jeni smith

    I enjoyed over read your post.I got good ideas from this amazing post. I am always searching like this type of blog post. I hope I will see you again

  • Australia Finn Frances

    I'm probably approaching 3000, maybe a lot more. I lost count a long time ago.

  • The Internet Heavenly Day

    I ave 27 scars😑

  • The Internet Nick

    Does self harm scars count? Because I have about 200

  • The Internet Ciaran

    I have 11 scars on my hands from kick boxing and like 15 or more on the rest of my body

  • The Internet Serenity Verret

    I have 105 on my body

  • United States April M

    I have 24 and I'm 10

    • United States April M

      My daughter is and she has that many not me

    • The Internet Hazel Whiterabbit

      I have over 200 and im 14! scars are nothing to be ashamed of! (this is for your daughter) I personally inflicted a few, so I guess some dont count but I still have a lot and count every few weeks/ every other month

  • The Internet rita badry

    I have 3 on my face and over 15 on my body! It releases me to see that some girls have many scars like me. How do you live with them? Do you like them? Do you think of them a lot? What about your boyfriend? Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • The Internet Hazel Whiterabbit

      I have 2 on my face, one under my nose and one next to my lip where I tried sewing my mouth shut once when I was upset. I have over 200 around my entire body though, and my girlfriend doesnt mind. I live with them pretty similar to many people, although for some its very painful to have physical contact or scratching. I dont mind them, they could be softer but eh its how it is. I do think about them a lot because I have to make sure I dont bump my arms into anything that will hurt them.

  • United States Monika Rose

    Prove it. ;)

  • The Internet cassie

    i have over 900..

  • The Internet Taylor Kristen

    It's sad, but I can double this plus some

  • The Internet reyna delgado

    I have 45!!

  • United States Monika Rose

    I actually beat my own record. I have more to add to the count. Most recently (7 days ago) Burn scars on my left Index and Thumb...a crafting wound.

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