Most High-Steps In One Minute

United States

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Fairfield, Virginia, United States / May 17, 2009

Dan LaCroix completed 230 high steps in one minute, a new world record. Each high-step was defined as quot;the raising of a leg to hit one’s palm at waist level.quot;

LaCroix completed the feat on May 17, 2009 in Fairfax, Virginia. Noah Zimmerman was present as a witness.


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    Wow! Really amazing. This data shared here is very interesting. High-Steps are not that easy to do. It’s really exceptional doing 230 high steps in one minute, not that simple, really astonishing. It clearly deserves praise and acknowledgment. Hostsailor

  • The record setter originally counted every pair of high-steps as 1. Our counting policy at URDB is to count every single high-step, which is how we came up with the 230 count.

  • um...slapping thigh does not count! disqualified!

  • The video shows he did 128 in one minute not 230. Just FYI

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