Most Deep Squats In Four Minutes


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Eaglesham, Scotland / January 2, 2015

William C. completed 374 deep squats in four minutes.

- must bend knees and break 90 degrees on each squat
- must return to extension for reps to count
- must hold arms straight out for entire attempt
- must follow same form as current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Brendan

    Zero reps

  • Germany Baraa Solieman

    hell ya push it!

  • The Internet Andre Turan

    Thank you.... I intend on breaking that 24 hour record every couple of years. I have a Guinness World Record as well - with an awesome picture published in the 2012 book. However, what I love about RecordSetter is the ability to create innovative categories (combo routines) and then get instant feedback. You are definitely an inspiration to watch! I look forward to more of your creative feats.

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Thank you! Yes, I love Recordsetter too - it is great for those into setting a lot of records and doing creative categories! It is all about being innovative at Recordsetter! Are you a competitive bicyclist or endurance athlete as well? I got into short duration speed squatting a few years ago to help me become a better bicyclist for triathlon where I raced pro a few years. I found the squat work helped me become a better cyclist more so than putting in miles on the bike. I bet you are a pretty good cyclist from all your squatting!

    • The Internet Andre Turan

      No, I'm not competitive in sports. However, I occassionally bike here in the Catskills. It's an amazing place for biking due to the mountains - some super steep hills. And yes, the squats are the perfect cross-training for cycling. I just love what squatting does for my body and overall fitness. I'm so glad to have met you and that you are having a similar experience to me.

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Yes, I am very glad to have met you too and I am glad you are here at RecordSetter now! How did you find out about Recordsetter? I was introduced to RecordSetter thru Darryl Learie back in Jan 2012. Darryl is the 3rd most prolific record holder here and holds all the finger plank records. I am so happy that he introduced me to Recordsetter. Darryl holds some world records at Book of Alternative Records also.

    • The Internet Andre Turan

      I think I accidentally stumbled onto RecordSetter through a search I was doing for "most pull-ups in 24-hours". You might be a contender for that one. Let's keep the video surprises comin'! By the way, I'll try to post the condensed video of the 24 hour squat at some point. There are even professionally recorded motivational songs on there that I wrote, celebrating "the squat" - so it's quite a quirky video (about an hour long).

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Oh yeah, you may have because recordsetter has a page just for pullup records, so that probably did come up in your search. My main focus at the moment is maximizing my VO2max so the events I have been focusing on are anywhere from short duration to just over 1hr duration. I may move up to the ultra long stuff sometime, but right now these durations are best for what I am working on and the record setting complement my athlete competitions that I do as my athletic competitions are built around a VO2max. I just won my 2nd consecutive world championship in the 10k beach run this year and it was my 81st career victory in elite competition and now I prepare for my 2013 competitive season. WOW, so you are a fitness trainer and a song writer too?! You should submit this condensed 24 hr record to Recordsetter that would be exciting to see!!!

  • United States Alicia Weber

    Congratulations on all your squat records!! I saw that you also hold a 24 hour squat record with the Book of Alternative Records!! Wow - very impressive!! Nice to see that you also hold records at both record books like me (Recordsetter and Book of Alternative Records). Congrats again!

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