Most Consecutive One-Handed Cartwheels While Holding An Open Beer

United States Garrett Holtz


Black Rock City, Nevada, United States / August 29, 2008

Garrett ‘Mr. T’ Holtz demonstrates extraordinary acrobatic ability by performing 13 consecutive one-handed cartwheels while holding an open beer, a new universal record. There was no evidence of how full the beer was, but his victory sip confirms the can was at least partially full.

This feat was achieved on August 27, 2008 at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Playa Book of Records Executive Committee members Dan Rollman and Steve Payonzeck were present to count the cartwheels and document the record.


  • My name is also Garrett... good choice on the PBR, the only beer I'd consider spilling even accidentally. "Pabst Blue Ribbon - White Collar Taste at a No Collar Price"

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