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Most Consecutive Football Catches While Riding On A Ripstick

Belgium JoeNagy


Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, United States / July 2, 2012

Joseph Nagy caught a football 33 consecutive times while riding on a Ripstick.

DENIED: Does not follow criteria.

- must ride a Ripstick
- must catch football while riding Ripstick
- must use an NFL regulation-sized football
- catcher must be at least 20 feet away from the thrower
- catches must be consecutive
- must complete the record barefoot
- must provide video evidence
  • United States John Nilan

    John Nilan

    The current holder is t following rules, as he isn't barefoot. Does this get his record revoked?

    I'm only nitpicking because I'm interested in breaking this record

    • Philippines Ma-Ann Pacion

      Ma-Ann Pacion

      Hi John. My name is Ma-ann. I work for the database team at RecordSetter. Thanks for your input. The attempt has been denied due to not following the criteria. We'd love to see you try to break this record! Best of luck!

  • Canada Josh Dekker

    Josh Dekker

    Well done buddy!

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