Most Consecutive Catches Performing Three Club Backcrosses

Sweden Ameron Rosvall

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Ostersund, Sweden / January 4, 2014

Ameron R. completed 189 consecutive catches while doing three-club backcrosses.

- must provide video evidence
- count does not start until clubs and hands are behind the back


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  • United States Peter Brunette

    Peter Brunette

    I thought about that when i made the video. I think it probably would be best. Is it possible to modify this record and create a new one? Since this record didn't specify I did what is easiest for me. It's an interesting trade off because when counted by catches you have to juggle for significantly longer for the same number of catches in doubles versus singles, but corrections are much easier.

  • United States Tommy Drake

    Tommy Drake

    Hey Peter, that is a great run, but I'm wondering if we should make backcross doubles and backcross singles two different records. Any thoughts?

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