Fastest Triple Arm Endurance Challenge

United States Alicia Weber

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Clermont, Florida, United States / June 12, 2014

Alicia Weber completed the Triple Arm endurance challenge in 17 minutes, 28.20 seconds.

- challenge consists of three exercises in the following order: a) 100 pull-ups b) 100 consecutive reptile push-ups c) 100 chin-ups
- must use steel straight bar for pull-ups and chin-ups
- must start pull-ups and chin-ups in dead hang with full extension of arms
- chin must go over bar
- must use palm-away grip for pull-ups
- must use palm-toward-you grip for chin-ups
- no leg movement allowed
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Jenn Wark

    Jenn Wark

    Alicia, these challenges are your own creation, right? Is there anyone else who attempts them that you know of?

    • United States Alicia Weber

      Alicia Weber

      Yes, I create all these strict form exercise challenges. I am a fitness trainer and I am currently training some athletes to set some exercise records. I am making record challenges for them and they will set them at Recordsetter.

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Jenn Wark

      My next question was going to be whether you use these challenges with your clients! Hope to see more from you & your athletes soon.

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