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Fastest Time To Complete A Game Of Labyrinth



Linköping, Östergötland, Sweden / December 29, 2011

Lars Göran Danielsson completed a game of [Labyrinth][1] in 15.95 seconds. [1]:

- game must be on flat surface
- only one person can be involved in record
- must use regulation-sized game
- ball must follow standard path through maze


Tags: gameballspeedboard gameLabyrinth

  • Germany Sofiya Jones

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  • The Internet Jesse Dickey

    He is faster and more skilled than me, but I did get a faster time than this on a shorter version of the labyrinth. I was kind of excited until I realized his version is longer. Is there an official version?

    • The Internet Jesse Dickey

      The challenge rules say you must use a regulation sized game, but it doesn't say what the regulation size is...?

    • The Internet Jesse Dickey

      Ok, I finally got an official new Labyrinth Game from Brio. After having it for a few days my time is down to 33 seconds. I knew I was good at this as a kid. The new boards are smoother though.

  • The Internet Magnus Ingo

    Eye of the tiger by Survivor. It was the title song of Rocky III

  • United States Emily Patricia


  • United States Corey Henderson

    What is the song!?

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