Most Catches Juggling Three Balls One-Handed In One Minute

United States

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Springfield, Illinois, United States / July 14, 2012

Brian Pankey completed 130 catches juggling three balls one-handed in one minute.

- must juggle three balls
- ball must be completely released from hand before catch
- catches must be consecutive
- must juggle using one hand only
- must provide video evidence


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  • The Internet Andrew Gardikis

    Can I do a 6 ball pattern and count the catches in that? ;) I'm not sure I can maintain it for one minute though.

  • Canada Mike Moore

    I'll give this a try...but it'll probably take me a while to get a full minute of my low pattern. Good record.

    • United States Brian Pankey

      I also did the 30 second record indoors Mike here it is -

  • United States Brian Pankey

    must be consecutive no drops allowed in minute time limit if you drop before the time limit the record attempt is over again I stated that clearly in criteria but like usual it was removed. The reason I stated that it so easy to go faster & drop a few times & then pick up & continue & the catch count would be higher but going for the entire time test your endurance & not a lot people in the world can juggle 3 balls in one hand for over a minute period. My best has been 3 minutes juggling 3 balls one handed so I'll do that record also

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