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Longest 90-Degree Static Hold Push-Up With 25 Pounds On Back

Eddie Sargent

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Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States / December 13, 2011

Eddie Sargent performed a static hold in a 90-degree push-up position for 49.87 seconds while carrying a 25-pound weight on his back.

- must attempt record on a concrete surface
- must remain balanced in the 90-degree position of the push-up, with arms bent at a 90-degree angle
- must observe RecordSetter balancing criteria for weights
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


Tags: longestsportsexerciseweightpush-upholdingstatic

  • Canada Darryl Learie

    Darryl Learie

    Nice Job Eddie, Its a beuatiful thing to see you evolve, cheers, friend

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