Fastest 400-Meter Keepie Uppie



Derby, East Midlands , England / March 24, 2015

Laurent K. ran 400 meters in two minutes, 8.82 seconds while playing keepie uppie with a football.

- must use standard sized, fully inflated football
- ball must be kept aloft using feet, knees, head, legs and chest
- must keep ball aloft for 400 meters
- if ball touches ground during run, attempt is denied
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • Wales Mark Evans

    fair play amazing laurent? shame your you would be defo in the welsh squad

    • England Laurent Kelly

      Thanks mate, a keepie uppie England squad would do for me. I'm addicted. Enjoy your records, keep em coming.

  • The Internet William Livingstone

    that is probably faster than i could actually run a good effort!

    • England Laurent Kelly

      Thanks man, you're very kind to say so. It's a dream of mine to realise this thing as an actual sport - I think it would make for compelling viewing especially with the risk/reward factor of potentially dropping the ball.

  • England Laurent Kelly

    Thanks man. Much appreciated.

  • The Internet Rustoffersen BeatRocker

    Hard work pays off. Well done.

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