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00:31 United States

Fastest Completion Of "Pinball: Stage 1" In "NES Remix" (Wii U)

Nicholas Rivera

Nicholas R. completed "Pinball: Stage 1" in "NES Remix" in 6.10 seconds.

02:00 Australia

Most Wii Game Cases Balanced On One Finger


WoofDeadBang balanced 25 Wii game cases on one finger.

03:09 Australia

Most Wii Game Cases In A Shoebox

Brandon Naylor

Brandon N. placed 27 Wii and Wii U game cases in a single shoebox.

00:57 Australia

Fastest Time To Place A Wii Remote In A Wii Wheel

Brandon Naylor

Brandon N. placed a Wii remote in a Wii wheel in 0.70 second.

02:05:00 United States

Longest Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fighting Game Marathon (Wii)

Neeral Mehta

Neeral Mehta, Demetri Kotsinis, Jimmy Binder, Tim Kirby played Super Smash Bros. Brawl nonstop for 56 hours. Watch the entire record attempt here.

United States

Most Button Presses On A Nintendo Wii Controller In 10 Seconds

Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins pressed the A button on a Nintendo Wii controller 87 times in 10 seconds.

00:08 United States

Most Stars Collected In "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" (Wii)

Nate King

Nate K. collected 628 stars in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

00:55 United States

Fastest Lap Of "Rainbow Road" In "Mario Kart 8" (Wii U)


Courtney C. finished a lap of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 8 in 47.91 seconds.

14:50 United States

Most Points Scored As LeBron James In A Three-Minute Quarter Game Of "NBA Jam" (Wii)

Hal Hawkins

IAmNerdJock scored 102 points using LeBron James during a three-minute quarter of NBA Jam.

00:47 United States

Most Points Scored In A Single Game Of "Madden NFL 09" (Wii)


Daniel earned 186 points in a single game of Madden NFL 09.

00:29 Australia

Fastest Completion Of "Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Azure Lake" (Wii)

Jordan Sharland

Jordan S. completed the Azure Lake stage in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in 18.19 seconds.

00:32 United States

Fastest Time To Complete "Super Mario 3D World: The Great Goal Pole" (Wii)

Jacob Betts

Jacob B. completed Super Mario 3D World: The Great Goal Pole in 6.00 seconds.

00:16 United States

Most Baseball Home Runs In "Wii Sports"

Cal buchanan

Cal B. scored 13 baseball home runs in Wii Sports.

18:22 United States

Slowest Time To Finish "Toad's Factory" Course In "Mario Kart Wii"

Ian McGehee

Ian M. took 17 minutes, 10.76 seconds to finish the Toad's Factory course in Mario Kart Wii.

01:22 United States

Most Wii Game Cases Balanced On Back Of Hand While Spinning A Frisbee

Adam Ford

Adam F. balanced 14 Wii game cases on the back of his hand while spinning a Frisbee.

00:58 United States

Fastest Completion Of Level 1-1 In "New Super Mario Bros." (Wii)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. completed level 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros. in 32.08 seconds.

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