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    Longest Railroad In "Minecraft"

    Actium Praetor built a railroad in Minecraft 1,414,213 units long.

    Jan 13 ActiumPraetor 13 comments United States
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    Longest Redstone Line In "Minecraft"

    Jacky B. created a redstone line 26,505 blocks long in Minecraft.

    Dec 20 JackBriar 19 comments United States
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    Most Consecutive Two-Block Gap Jumps In "Minecraft" (Xbox 360)

    Anthony M. completed 305 two-block gap jumps on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

    Dec 01 AnthonyMarciano 40 comments United States
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    Most Fireworks Launched In "Minecraft"

    Thibaut E. launched 91,584 fireworks in Minecraft.

    Nov 15 ThibautEveraerts 2 comments Belgium
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    Most Blocks Broken In 25 Seconds In "Minecraft"

    Maximus M. broke 599 blocks in 25 seconds in Minecraft.

    Jul 03 MaximusMcIntosh 9 comments United States
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    Highest Score In "Subway Surfers" (Mobile)

    Karim M. earned 2,000,001,660 points in Subway Surfers.

    Sep 29 KarimMayur 268 comments Pakistan
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    Fastest Time To Kill 100 Sheep In "Minecraft"

    Jacob Genlikan Y. killed 100 sheep in Minecraft in 0.13 seconds.

    Nov 12 Jacob-Genlikan-Yoon 14 comments Australia
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    Fastest Diamond And Emerald Speed Run In "Minecraft"

    Arvin Guy completed a diamond and emerald speed run in Minecraft in one minute, 18.00 seconds.

    Jul 25 ArvinGuy 6 comments United States
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    Highest House In "Minecraft"

    Chainsofgames built a house in Minecraft reaching 252 blocks in height.

    Aug 03 chainsofgames 16 comments United States
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    Most Video Game Consoles Played In One Minute

    Ryan Sullivan played 13 different video game consoles in one minute. The feat was set at Ohayocon, an annual Japanese animation... (more)

    Jan 27 RyanSullivan 35 comments United States
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    Highest Score In Arcade Mode Of "Fruit Ninja"

    Logan Banfield earned 871 points in Fruit Ninja. The game was set in arcade mode for the attempt.

    Jan 30 LoganBanfield 77 comments United States
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    Highest Score In Zen Mode Of "Fruit Ninja"

    Logan Banfield earned 253 points in Fruit Ninja. The game was set to Zen Mode.

    Jan 30 LoganBanfield 35 comments United States
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    Highest Score On Level 2-2 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

    Peter Mee earned 88,860 points on Level 2–2 of Angry Birds Rio.

    Jan 30 PeterMee 1 comment Wales
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    Highest Score On "iCopter" (Mobile)

    Logan Banfield earned 1,364 points on Icopter.

    Jan 30 LoganBanfield 7 comments United States
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    Highest Score On Level 1-3 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

    Peter Mee earned 60,670 points on Level 1–3 of Angry Birds Rio.

    Jan 31 PeterMee 12 comments Wales
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    Lowest Score On Tiny Wings

    Corey Henderson scored 1,439 points in Tiny Wings on his iPhone.

    Feb 01 CoreyHenderson 8 comments United States
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    Highest Score On Level 1-5 Of "Angry Birds Rio"

    Peter Mee earned 66,860 points on Level 1–5 of Angry Birds Rio.

    Feb 02 PeterMee Wales
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    Highest Score On "Temple Run"

    Corey Henderson earned 6,583,230 points in a single game of Temple Run.

    Feb 02 CoreyHenderson 161 comments United States
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    Highest Score On "Papa's Palace Of Pain" In "The House Of The Dead: Overkill" Using Story Mode

    Peter Mee earned 204,525 points on Papa's Palace Of Pain in The House Of The Dead: Overkill using story mode.

    Feb 02 PeterMee Wales
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