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Longest Time Spinning On A Hoverboard

Rovick Sinlao

Rovick S. spun on a hoverboard for 43.00 seconds.


Most Hoverboard Spins In 30 Seconds

Christopher Lamont

Christopher L. spun on a hoverboard 32 times in 30 seconds.

02:34 England

Longest Time Spinning A Frisbee On Two Fingers

Kane Bailey

Kane B. spun a Frisbee on two fingers for two minutes, 32.51 seconds.

00:20 United States

Most Catches Juggling Six Rings While Spinning A Ring On Foot

Thom Wall

Thom Wall completed 16 catches juggling six rings while spinning a ring on his foot.

01:19 India

Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On The Tip Of A Toothbrush Held In Mouth

dipanshu mishra

Dipanshu M. spun a basketball on the tip of a toothbrush held in his mouth for 43.12 seconds.

02:10 United States

Most Spins While Bouncing A Table Tennis Ball

Matt Parsons

Matt P. spun 49 times while bouncing a table tennis ball.

04:38 Canada

Longest Ring Spin

Stefan Fraticelli

Stefan F. spun a ring for four minutes, 10.05 seconds.

20:41 India

Most 360-Degree Rotations While Balancing Five Cans On Right Index Fingertip

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur completed 159 rotations while balancing five cans on his right index fingertip.

04:45 India

Most 360-Degree Rotations On Heels While Balancing Five Cans On Right Index Finger

Suresh Gaur

Suresh Gaur completed 25 rotations on heels while balancing five cans on his right index finger.

00:11 United States

Longest Graduation Scroll Spin Toss

Connor Rawlinson

Connor R. tossed a graduation scroll, spinning it 3.5 times before catching it.

United States

Longest Time Spinning A Frisbee On One Finger

Dakota steelman

Dakota S. spun a Frisbee on his finger for 13 minutes, 58.16 seconds.

01:26 Sweden

Most Catches Of Four Clubs Juggled In A Single Spin Pattern In One Minute

Ameron Rosvall

Ameron R. completed 256 consecutive catches with four clubs juggled in a single spin pattern in one minute.

00:41 United States

Longest Plastic Cup Spin

Nathan tidball

Nathan T. spun a plastic cup that stayed spinning for 26.32 seconds.

01:10 United States

Most Spins In One Minute

Aarav Narula

Aarav spun 118 times in one minute.

00:25 England

Most 360-Degree Spins While Spinning Basketball On Finger

Anthony Lefley

Anthony L. completed eight full rotations while spinning a basketball on his finger.

00:29 Japan

Longest American Quarter Spin


Ryuusei K. spun an American quarter for 20.86 seconds.

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