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01:22 Slovakia

Most Uppercut Punches In 15 Seconds While Holding One-Kilogram Dumbbell In Each Hand

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik performed 139 uppercut punches in 15 seconds while holding a one-kilogram dumbbell in each hand.

01:19 Armenia

Most Punching Bag Punches In One Minute

Narek Hakobyan

Narek H. punched a punching bag 423 times in one minute.

03:56 United States

Most Wooden Boards Broken In 24 Hours

Leif Becker

Leif Becker broke 12,120 wooden boards in 24 hours. He set the record at Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium in Times Square, New York to support enCourage Kids, a foundation that helps children with health challenges. RecordSetter Official Ella Morton was present to witness the attempt. Read more about the feat here.

09:01 Italy

Most Roof Tiles Broken In One Punch While Balancing On A Balance Board

Silvio Sabba

Record Setter broke a stack of five roof tiles in one punch while balancing on a balance board.

01:02 United States

Most Backfists In One Minute

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student completed 139 backfists in one minute.

01:09 Algeria

Most Air Punches In One Minute


Kamal A. performed 710 air punches in one minute.

01:04 Pakistan

Most Punching Pad Punches In One Minute

ahmad hussain

Ahmad H. punched a punching pad 586 times in one minute.

01:05 United States

Most Speed Bag Punches In One Minute

Speed Bag Scissorhands

Adam Salomon completed 2,000 speed bag punches in one minute.

00:01 The Internet

Fastest Time To Perform One Behind-The-Back Jab

Brandon Daley

Brandon D. performed one behind-the-back jab in 0.37 second.

01:07 Pakistan

Most Full Contact Punch Strikes While Carrying A 40-Pound Backpack And Wearing 2-Pound Wrist Weights On Each Hand


Ahmad Amin Bodla struck 337 full contact punches while carrying a 40-pound backpack and wearing two-pound wrist weights on each hand.

02:55 United States

Longest Punch


Keith Liddell punched a punching bag from 10 feet, 10 inches away.

03:17 United States

Most Speed Bag Rebounds In Two Minutes

Speed Bag Scissorhands

Adam Salomon completed 1,650 speed bag rebounds in two minutes.

00:26 The Internet

Most Punches On A Wooden Table In 15 Seconds

Travis Whitcomb

Travis W. punched a wooden table 170 times in 15 seconds.

00:03 United States

Most Boards Broken With Fists While Performing A Leg Split

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor's martial arts student broke two boards with her fists while performing a leg split.

01:29 United States

Most Punches Into One's Father's Stomach In 30 Seconds

Charlie S.

Charlie punched his father's stomach 78 times in 30 seconds. The record was set during a RecordSetter LIVE! event at The Learning Village in Las Vegas, Nevada. RecordSetter Co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson were present to adjudicate the attempt.

00:45 United States

Most Hammerfist Breaks In 20 Seconds By An Eight-Year-Old (Female)

Jared Circle

Jared's martial arts student performed 11 hammerfist breaks in 20 seconds. She is eight years old.

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