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01:19 United States

Most Entries In The "Pokemon Fire Red" Hall Of Fame (Game Boy Advance)

Jarod Adducci

Jarod A. has 193 Hall of Fame entries in Pokemon Fire Red.

01:04 Canada

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Moon Version" (3DS)

John Savoy

John S. logged 999 hours and 59 minutes on Pokemon Moon Version.

00:17 Ireland

Longest "Pokemon FireRed" Play Time

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. spent 186 hours, 45 minutes playing Pokemon FireRed.

00:24 The Internet

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Pearl Version" (DS)

Kyle Scanlon

Kyle S. logged 789 hours and 42 minutes into Pokemon Pearl.

00:16 The Internet

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon Platinum Version" (DS)

Nurizzuddin Chia

Nurizzuddin C. put 891 hours and 11 minutes into playing Pokemon Platinum.

00:24 Ireland

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon SoulSilver Version" (DS)

Joseph Kenneally

Joseph K. put 323 hours and 45 minutes into Pokemon SoulSilver.

02:07 United States

Fastest Time To Finish "Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia"

Akshay Kalose

Akshay Kalose finished "Pokemon Rangers: Shadows of Almia" in 39 hours, 43.00 minutes.

00:18 The Internet

Most Hours Logged On "Pokemon White Version 2" (DS)

Javon Bond

Javon B. put 544 hours and 41 minutes into Pokemon White Version.

00:39 The Internet

Longest "Pokemon Sapphire" Play Time

Ryan Weiss

Ryan W. spent 999 hours, 59 minutes playing Pokemon Sapphire.

00:47 Canada

Farthest Jump In "Venasaur's Vine Swing" Using A Magikarp In "PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure"

Mathew Pike

Matthew P. jumped 64.97 feet in Venasaur's Vine Swing using a Magikarp in PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure.

01:03 United States

Highest Block Smash Score In "Pokemon SoulSilver" (DS)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. earned a block smash score of 140 points in Pokemon SoulSilver.

01:43 United States

Most Pester Balls Thrown In One Minute In "Pokemon Snap" (N64)

Yahya ijaz

Yahya I. threw 66 pester balls in one minute while playing Pokemon Snap.

00:41 United States

Most Pokemon Characters Named In 30 Seconds

Dylan Moloney

Dylan Moloney named 44 Pokemon characters in 30 seconds.

04:26 United States

Fastest Completion Of Pokemon FireRed On Gameboy Advance

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. completed Pokemon FireRed in two hours, one minute on his Gameboy Advance.

02:36 United States

Fastest Time To Recite All 151 Generation I Pokemon

Hayden Stuart

Hayden S. recited all 151 Generation I Pokemon in one minute, 20.21 seconds.

02:11 United States

Fastest Time To Beat "Pokemon Yellow Version" Using Glitches (Game Boy)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. beat Pokemon Yellow Version in one minute, 42.00 seconds using glitches.

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