Longest "Pokemon Sapphire" Play Time

United States Ryan Weiss

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Simsbury, Connecticut, United States / February 26, 2015

Ryan W. spent 999 hours, 59 minutes playing Pokemon Sapphire.

- must observe RecordSetter video game criteria
- must provide media evidence


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  • United States Ryan Weiss

    Ryan Weiss

    i know that its not beatable but i knew i would be able to get to 1000 hours. i'm sure many others have got to 1000 hours on sapphire too, but probably not on Ruby and Emerald. but, to the point of what you were saying: i knew i had to specifically "record" the time card to show the blinking dots indicating that the time has officially maxed out which also means i've reached the 1000 hour plateau. also, it would be impossible to record 1000 hours of a game and upload it as one single video.

  • United States dsfdsf


    Not saying this is fake, but stuff like this can be very easily edited with cheats.

  • United States Tri Force

    Tri Force

    can I edit my submission? o3o

    • United States Ryan Weiss

      Ryan Weiss

      sure! me and you will be tied at 1000 hours! i think that instead of this record belonging to just 1 person, it would be better off to have this record belonging to multiple people. also, if someone knows they're going to reach 1000 hours and they want to be part of this record, why not include them? they reached 1000 hours!

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