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00:19 United States

Longest Time Juggling Five Clubs While Hula Hooping

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson juggled five clubs for 12.44 seconds while hula hooping.

00:12 Italy

Longest Time Juggling Five Coconuts

Andrea Borini

Andrea B. juggled five coconuts for 8.28 seconds.

00:45 Italy

Longest Time Juggling Four Coconuts

Andrea Borini

Andrea B. juggled four coconuts for 40.29 seconds.

00:47 England

Most Consecutive Catches Juggling Three Hula Hoops In A Back Roll Shower Pattern

Callum Baker

Callum Baker completed 22 catches juggling three hula hoops in a back roll shower pattern.

00:52 Australia

Most Consecutive Catches Juggling Four Lemons In Cascade Pattern


Brendan Kelbie completed 73 catches juggling four lemons in a cascade pattern.

05:20 Australia

Most Catches Juggling Three Cricket Balls


Brendan Kelbie completed 918 catches juggling three cricket balls.

02:41 England

Most Consecutive Catches In A Three-Hoop Lazy Cascade With Penguin Catches

Callum Baker

Callum Baker completed 240 consecutive catches in a three-hoop lazy cascade with penguin catches.

00:26 India

Most Catches Juggling Three Mangoes While Sitting

Kartik Hingu

Kartik H. completed 53 catches juggling three mangoes while sitting.

01:11 England

Most Catches Juggling Three Balls In 30 Seconds While Standing On One Foot

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson completed 150 catches juggling three balls in 30 seconds while standing on one foot.

00:49 Poland

Most Catches Juggling Three Basketballs While Swallowing A Sword

Krystian Minda

Krystian M. completed 63 catches juggling three basketballs while swallowing a sword. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional stunt performer. We will not accept speed eating submissions from minors.

00:26 Italy

Longest Time Juggling Five Balls Of Yarn

Andrea Borini

Andrea B. juggled five balls of yarn for 23.03 seconds.

00:12 United States

Most Thumb Tap Juggles With A Fidget Spinner

Andrew h.

Andrew H. performed nine thumb tap juggles with a fidget spinner.

00:47 United States

Longest Time Juggling Five Beanie Babies

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson juggled five Beanie Babies for 36.88 seconds.

02:37 England

Longest Time Juggling Two Tennis Balls With One Hand While Balancing A Book On Head

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson juggled two tennis balls with one hand for one minute, 59.66 seconds while balancing a book on his head.

02:40:12 Netherlands

Longest Time Juggling Three Clubs In Cascade Pattern

Kevin Hauer

Kevin Hauer juggled three clubs in a cascade pattern for two hours, 39 minutes, 26.00 seconds.

United States

Longest Plank While Juggling Three Balls

Nate Tower

Nate Tower planked for 30.17 seconds while juggling three balls.

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