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Most Catches Juggling Three Balls In 30 Sseconds While Wearing Socks On Hands

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson completed 130 catches juggling three balls in 30 seconds while wearing socks on his hands.


Longest Time Juggling Three Toilet Plungers

Niels Duinker

Niels Duinker juggled three toilet plungers for one minute, 37.56 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Complete 50 Catches While Juggling Three Clubs In A Cascade Pattern In Flats

Thom Wall

Thom Wall completed 50 catches in 12.13 seconds while juggling three clubs in a cascade pattern in flats.


Longest Time Juggling Two Snickers Bars With One Hand

dan man

Dan M. juggled two Snickers bars using his right hand for 8.59 seconds.


Longest Time Performing One-Handed Devil Stick Rotations While Juggling Four Balls

Lukas Reichenbach

Lukas R. performed one-handed devil stick rotations for 4.25 seconds while juggling four balls.


Most Soccer Ball Juggles While Balancing On A Hoverboard

Jordan Lambiris

Jordan L. performed seven soccer ball juggles while balancing on a hoverboard.

United States

Most Catches Juggling Six Snowballs With Bare Hands

Bryson Lang

Bryson L. completed 16 catches juggling six snowballs with his bare hands.


Most Catches Juggling Seven Balls While Balancing A Juggling Club On Head And Kneeling

Ewan Clementson

Ewan Clementson completed seven catches juggling seven balls while balancing a juggling club on his head and kneeling.


Longest Plank While Juggling Three Balls

Ewan Clementson

Ewan Clementson planked for 28.13 seconds while juggling three balls.


Fastest Time To Complete 100 Consecutive Club Throws Using Three Different Styles Of Clubs

Ewan Clementson

Ewan Clementson completed 100 consecutive throws using three different styles of clubs in 25.10 seconds.


Longest Time Juggling A Stapler And A Juggling Ball With One Hand

Ewan Clementson

Ewan Clementson juggled a stapler and a juggling ball with one hand for one minute, 11.10 seconds.

United States

Most Catches Juggling Three Toilet Paper Rolls In 30 Seconds

Viktor O.

Viktor O. completed 100 catches juggling three toilet paper rolls in 30 seconds.

United States

Longest Time Juggling Two Kiwi Fruits With One Hand

Viktor O.

Viktor O. juggled two kiwi fruits with one hand for 55.10 seconds.


Most Consecutive Catches Juggling Five Balls While Lying Down

Ewan Clementson

Ewan Clementson completed 11 catches juggling five balls while lying down.

00:52 India

Longest Time Juggling Three Stress Balls While Standing On A Chair On One Foot And Balancing A Book And Duct Tape On Head

aryan raj

Aryan R. juggled three stress balls for 9.94 seconds while standing on a chair on one foot and balancing a book and duct tape on his head.

00:36 United States

Most Catches Juggling Three Balls While Riding A Unicycle

Vaughan Heussenstamm

Vaughan Heussenstamm made 76 catches juggling three balls while riding a unicycle.

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