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00:32 United States

Most Wall Flips In 15 Seconds

Justin Case

Justin C. completed eight wall flips in 15 seconds.

00:40 United States

Most Head Flips In 30 Seconds

Christian ShowTime

Christian ShowTime completed 11 head flips in 30 seconds. He performed a total of 12 head flips but the last attempt did not fall within the time limit.

Most Assisted Flips In One Minute

Mridula Shanker

Mridula Shanker completed 32 assisted flips in one minute.

01:12 United States

Most Standing Back Flips Performed In A Roll-Off In One Minute


Members of Victory Gymnastics Academy performed a total of 133 standing back flips in a roll-off in one minute. The record was set during National Gymnastics Day 2013 at Victory Gymnastics Academy in San Diego, California.

01:19 United States

Most Hand Balance Single Spin Flips With A Juggling Club In One Minute

Richard Kohut

Richard Kohut performed 45 hand balance single spin flips with a juggling club in one minute.

00:7 United States

Highest Tandem Back Flip

Doug Williams

Doug Williams and Judah Teista completed tandem back flips by jumping off a platform twelve feet high. They beat their previous record by four feet. Both are trained athletes and had supervision on hand.

00:37 United States

Most Webster Front Flips In 30 Seconds

Lysander Luansing

Lysander L. performed 15 Webster front flips in 30 seconds.

07:28 South Africa

Fastest Time To Flip A 90-Kilogram Tire 100 Times

Tessa Els

Tessa E. flipped a 90-kilogram tire 100 times in seven minutes, 12.00 seconds.

00:48 United States

Most Back Flips On A Trampoline In 30 Seconds

Greg Roe

Greg R. completed 35 back flips on a trampoline in 30 seconds.

01:26 Norway

Most Cigarette Flips In One Minute

Makenzie Priest

Taylor Priest completed 13 cigarette flips on a skateboard in one minute.

00:32 United States

Most Consecutive Moshikame Cycles With A Kendama In 30 Seconds

Brian Pankey

Beating his own previous two records, Brian Pankey completed 54 Moshikame cycles with a kendama in 30 seconds.

01:19 United States

Most Times Flipping A 555-Pound Tire In One Hour

Greg Cochran

Greg Cochran flipped a 555-pound tire 205 times in one hour. Watch entire attempt here.

00:47 South Africa

Most Times Flipping An 85-Kilogram Tire In 12 Hours

Chris Batts

Chris B. flipped an 85-kilogram tire 3,650 times in 12 hours. He set the record in aid of CANSA at the Nelspruit Motor Show in Nelspruit, South Africa.

01:02 United States

Most Consecutive Moshikame Cycles With A Kendama In One Minute

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey completed 93 consecutive Moshikamecycles using a kendama in one minute. Each flip from one side of the kendama to the other is counted as a Moshikame cycle.

00:22 United States

Fastest Time To Stack Five Styrofoam Cups By Flipping


Viktor O. stacked five styrofoam cups in 4.21 seconds by flipping.

00:22 South Africa

Fastest Time For A Husband And Wife To Flip A 65-Kilogram Tire One Kilometer

Jan Lubinge

Jan and his wife flipped a 65-kilogram tire one kilometer in 43 minutes, 26.00 seconds.

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