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06:25 Israel

Longest Time Balancing A "Guitar Hero" Guitar On One Finger

Deleted User

(Deleted User) balanced a Guitar Hero Guitar on his finger for five minutes, 40.86 seconds.

03:33 United States

Longest Time Balancing Two Yardsticks On Fingers

Nicolas Hopkins

Nicolas H. balanced two yardsticks on his fingers for three minutes, 30.41 seconds.

00:51 Sweden

Most Weight Suspended On Fingertips

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund suspended 88.10 pounds of weights on his fingertips.

01:29 Sweden

Longest Time Balancing A One-Kilogram Fixed Dumbbell On Index Finger

Thommy Ohlund

Thommy Ohlund balanced a one-kilogram fixed dumbbell on his index finger for one minute, 12.47 seconds.

03:14 Denmark

Longest Time Spinning Pillow On Finger

Oskar larsen

Oskar L. spun a pillow on one finger for three minutes, 11.65 seconds.

00:52 India

Longest Time To Spin A 65-Centimeter Ball On Finger


Ashok spun a 65-centimeter exercise ball on his finger for 39.53 seconds.

03:43 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Broom On One Finger While Slacklining

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced a broom on one finger for three minutes, 14.10 seconds while slacklining.

03:50 Malaysia

Longest Time Balancing Two Water Bottles On One Finger

Sethu Muthiah

Sethu M. balanced two water bottles on one finger for two minutes, 36.59 seconds.

10:11 Australia

Longest Time Spinning A Frisbee On Two Fingers

Sebastian Varela

Sebastian V. spun a Frisbee on two fingers for 10 minutes, 10.00 seconds.

00:38 England

Oldest Ring Bearer

William Forrest

William Forrest participated as a ring bearer in his grandson's wedding ceremony. He is 91 years old.

00:52 Australia

Loudest Finger Snap


Demythrate snapped his finger that reached 111.80 decibels loud.

01:37 Australia

Longest Time Balancing A Toothbrush On One Finger


WoofDeadBang balanced a toothbrush on his finger for one minute, 24.22 seconds.

00:45 Israel

Tallest Rummikub Tower Stacked On Two Fingers

Deleted User

(Deleted User) stacked 13 Rummikub pieces on two fingers.

03:34 Israel

Most CDs Spooled On Pinky Finger While Balancing A Pencil Between Lip And Nose

Deleted User

(Deleted User) spooled 56 CDs on his pinky finger while balancing a pencil between his lip and nose.

02:00 Australia

Most Wii Game Cases Balanced On One Finger


WoofDeadBang balanced 25 Wii game cases on one finger.

04:54 Australia

Longest Time Balancing Three Juggling Balls On One Finger


WoofDeadBang balanced three juggling balls on one finger for four minutes, 20.00 seconds.

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