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01:12 United States

Most Finger Licks In One Minute While Blindfolded

Jennifer Waitforit

Jennifer's friend licked his finger 140 times in one minute while blindfolded

14:09 Italy

Tallest CD Tower Balanced On One Finger

Silvio Sabba

Silvio S. balanced a tower of 255 CDs on his finger.

01:49 Israel

Most Xbox 360 Game Cases Balanced On One Finger

saar kessel

Saar K. balanced 11 Xbox 360 game cases in one finger.

01:40 Israel

Most Wii Game Cases Balanced On One Finger

saar kessel

Saar K. balanced 11 Wii game cases in one finger.

04:53 United States

Longest Time Balancing A "Guitar Hero" Guitar On One Finger

Jake Donatelli

Jake D. balanced a Guitar Hero Guitar on his finger for four minutes, 40.69 seconds.

00:40 Georgia

Most Consecutive One-Finger Push-Ups

Georgian Records Federation

Kukuri Salbishvili of the Georgian Records Federation performed 25 one-finger push-ups.

01:23 United States

Fastest Time To Complete A Game Of "Piano Tiles: Rush Mode" Using One Finger (Mobile)

Matthew Felix

Matthew F. completed a game of Piano Tiles: Rush Mode using one finger in 7.54 seconds.

00:48 Austria

Most Consecutive Pull-Ups Using One Little Finger

Christian Mathies

Christian M. performed two consecutive pull-ups using his right little finger.

01:29 Portugal

Most Consecutive Two-Finger Strict Pull-Ups While Carrying A 55-Pound Weight

Mauro Franklim

Mauro F. performed four consecutive two-finger strict pull-ups while carrying a 55-pound weight.

00:12 India

Fastest Gryphon Roll

Kamal Aslam

Kamal A. performed a Gryphon roll in 1.52 seconds.

01:20 Canada

Longest Six-Finger Handstand

Gordon Lindsay

Gordon L. perform six-finger handstand for 52.50 seconds.

00:36 United States

Most People Singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" While Touching Their Foot With One Finger

ACCYM Senior High Assembly

174 members of ACCYM Senior High sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star while touching their foot with one finger.

00:52 United States

Fastest Time To Knock Over 10 Dominoes

Ethan Hayes

Ethan H. knocked over 10 dominoes in 1.01 seconds.

00:55 India

Most Two-Finger And Thumb Push-Ups In 30 Seconds

Mohsin Hussain

Mohsin H. performed 41 two-finger and thumb push-ups in 30 seconds.

00:57 United States

Tallest Tower Of Ring Pulls Balanced On One Finger

Viktor O.

Viktor O. balanced 21 ring pulls on his finger.

00:23 United States

Most Clothespins Attached To Thumb

Viktor O.

Viktor O. attached eight clothespins to his thumb at once.

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