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01:33 United States

Longest Time Balancing Two Shovels On One Finger Each

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced two shovels on one finger each for 54.10 seconds.

00:49 United States

Tallest Tower Of Roll-Up Measuring Tapes Balanced On Two Fingers

Waffle 123

Viktor O. balanced three roll-up measuring tapes on his two fingers.

00:56 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Table Tennis Ball On Finger

Dustin Driedger

Dustin D. balanced a table tennis ball on his finger for 25.73 seconds.

03:33 Italy

Most Forehead Taps In One Minute While Balancing Dime On Finger And Listening To "Can"

Mattia Pennati

Mattia P. tapped his forehead 190 times in one minute while balancing a dime on his finger and listening to Can.

00:25 United States

Most Rubber Bands Around Index Finger

Brandon Noll

Brandon N. hung 95 rubber bands around his right index finger.

00:18 United States

Longest Time To Support Body Weight On Two Fingers And Two Thumbs

Corey Sandefur

Corey S. supported his body weight using his two index fingers and two thumbs without touching the ground in 10.32 seconds.

01:18 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Broom On Right Index Finger While Balancing A Shovel On Left Index Finger

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced a broom on his right index finger for 45.83 seconds while balancing a shovel on his left index finger.

17:07 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Hammer On Finger

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced a hammer on his finger for 16 minutes, 27.10 seconds.

01:16 United States

Longest Time Spinning Pillow On Finger

Jason Lintjer

Jason Lintjer spun a pillow on his finger for one hour, 13 minutes and 21 seconds.

02:28 United States

Longest Time Balancing Two Rolls Of Wrapping Paper On Fingers

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced two rolls of wrapping paper on one finger on each hand for two minutes, 1.50 seconds.

00:25 United States

Most Finger Guns Fired In 10 Seconds While Dressed As A Cowboy

Sevastra TheBand

Ferret of Sevastra The Band fired 19 finger guns in 10 seconds while dressed as a cowboy.

United States

Most Paper Claws Worn On An Index Finger


Carver folded and wore 130 paper claws at once on his right index finger.

10:21 Norway

Most Finger Snaps In 10 Minutes

Morten Bentsen

Morten Bentsen snapped his fingers 5,901 times in 10 minutes.

00:32 United States

Fastest 25-Yard Swim With A Broken Finger

Joseph Karre

JK32 swam 25 feet in 21.20 seconds with a broken ring finger on his left hand. He set the record at Red Lerille's Health Club in Lafayette, Louisiana.

00:21 United States

Most Pairs Of Scissors Held On Fingers

William Muller

William M. held 10 pairs of scissors on his fingers.

01:15 United States

Most Consecutive Eight-Finger Push-Ups

William Kathan

"Real" Bill Kathan completed 40 consecutive eight-finger push-ups.

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