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10:21 Norway

Most Finger Snaps In 10 Minutes

Morten Bentsen

Morten Bentsen snapped his fingers 5,901 times in 10 minutes.

11:04 United States

Fastest Time To Complete 200 Elevated Leg Locked Finger Push-Ups

Alicia Weber

Alicia Weber completed 200 elevated leg, locked finger push-ups in 10 minutes, 33.43 seconds.

00:32 United States

Fastest 25-Yard Swim With A Broken Finger

Joseph Karre

JK32 swam 25 feet in 21.20 seconds with a broken ring finger on his left hand. He set the record at Red Lerille's Health Club in Lafayette, Louisiana.

00:24 United States

Longest Time Spinning A Football On Finger

Zach Heimer

Zach H. spun an American football on his finger for 9.81 seconds.

00:21 United States

Most Pairs Of Scissors Held On Fingers

William Muller

William M. held 10 pairs of scissors on his fingers.

01:15 United States

Most Consecutive Eight-Finger Push-Ups

William Kathan

"Real" Bill Kathan completed 40 consecutive eight-finger push-ups.

16:14 United States

Longest Time To Suck On Big Toe While Holding Finger Up Nose

Marcos Santana

Marcos S. sucked his big toe while keeping his pinky finger in his nose for 16 minutes, 1.75 seconds.

01:33 United States

Longest Time To Balance A Cue Stick On One Finger Of Each Hand

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced a cue stick on one finger of each hand simultaneously for 49.88 seconds.

00:23 Norway

Most Finger Snaps In 15 Seconds

Morten Bentsen

Morten B. snapped his fingers 112 times in 15 seconds.

01:08 Norway

Most Finger Snaps In One Minute

Morten Bentsen

Morten Bentsen snapped his fingers 380 times in one minute.

00:51 United States

Most Weight Suspended On Fingertips

Clint Poore

Clint P. suspended 70 pounds of weights on his fingertips.

01:09 Norway

Most Finger Snaps In One Minute Using Two Hands

Morten Bentsen

Morten B. completed 721 finger snaps in one minute. He used both hands for the attempt.

05:29 United States

Most Consecutive Pillow Throws While Spinning A Pillow On One Finger

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey threw and caught a pillow 114 times consecutively while spinning that pillow on one finger.

01:59 United States

Longest Time Balancing A Stick On One Finger While In Lotus Pose On A Rock In A Creek

Tai Star

Tai Star balanced a stick on his finger for one minute, 47.3 seconds while holding a lotus position on a rock in a creek.

02:09 Canada

Longest Time Balancing A Guitar Pick On Index Finger

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a guitar pick on his index finger for 36.81 seconds.

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