Fastest World Records

Many world record holders have proven they're the best by being the fastest. People show off their speed in the areas of sports, music, video games, recitation and much, much more. No matter what your hobby, if you can do it fast, you stand a chance at becoming a global champion. Hurry up and set a world record!

Fastest Challenges

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Fastest Time To Do 10 Stickhandles With A Hockey Stick

Jake M

Jake M. did 10 stickhandles using a hockey stick in 2.67 seconds.


Fastest Time To Run Five Laps Around A Car

Darius Spychala

Darius S. ran five laps around a car in 17.96 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Type The English Alphabet On An iPad Using Two Fingers


Courtney C. typed the English alphabet on an iPad in 3.10 seconds using two fingers.

United States

Fastest Time To Stand Up On A Trampoline Without Using Hands

Rylan C

Rylan C. stood up on a trampoline in 2.75 seconds without using his hands.

01:11 United States

Fastest Time To Draw Chilly Willy

Myron Smith

Myron S. drew Chilly Willy in 24.30 seconds.


Fastest Time To Break Ten Pencils

Cramer Ruth

Cramer Ruth snapped 10 pencils with his hands in 6.65 seconds.

00:56 Canada

Fastest Time To Chop Five Mushrooms

Buddyzee Fisher

Buddyzee Fisher chopped five mushrooms in 26.24 seconds. WARNING: This record can be dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional stunt performer. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.


Fastest Time To Burp The English Alphabet

Tim Koelewijn

Tim K. burped the English alphabet in 4.09 seconds.


Fastest Time To Peel Five Carrots

Buddyzee Fisher

Buddyzee Fisher peeled five whole carrots in 24.71 seconds.

United States

Fastest 10-Man Smash In "Super Smash Bros." (3DS)

Samuel Webb

Samuel W. completed a 10-man smash in Super Smash Bros. in 5.33 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Solve A Pocket Cube While Riding A Unicycle

Luke Wilson

Luke W. solved a Pocket Cube while riding a unicycle in 12.33 seconds

United States

Fastest Time For Two People To Pick Up 49 Table Tennis Ball Out Of A Piano Bench

Charles Crutchfield

Charles and his cousin picked up 49 table tennis ball out of a piano bench in 6.72 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Say "Love" 10 Times

Captain Catasrophe

Captain Catasrophe said "love" 10 times in 1.68 seconds.


Fastest Time To Complete "Green Hill" Zone Of "Sonic Generations"

Nathan Thompson

Nathan T. completed the Green Hill zone of Sonic Generations in one minute, 37.21 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Peel A Banana

Debra Emory

Debra E. peeled a banana in exactly one second.

United States

Fastest Time To Solve "20X Calculations" In "Brain Training" (DS)


Courtney C. solved 20X Calculations in Brain Training in 10.00 seconds.

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