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Many world record holders have proven they're the best by being the fastest. People show off their speed in the areas of sports, music, video games, recitation and much, much more. No matter what your hobby, if you can do it fast, you stand a chance at becoming a global champion. Hurry up and set a world record!

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00:50 United States

Fastest Time To Float A Rolling Paper 108 Centimeters Using A Didgeridoo

Tai Star

Tai Star floated a rolling piece of paper 108 centimeters in 2.03 seconds by playing a didgeridoo.

01:56 Bahrain

Fastest Time To Stack 20 Lego Bricks In A Right-Angle Pattern Tower With One Hand

William Hann

William H. stacked 20 Lego bricks into a right-angle pattern tower in 19.75 seconds with one hand.

United States

Fastest Time To Say "Cantaloupe" While Holding An iPad and A Toolkit

William Bae

Record Setter said cantaloupe in 0.28 second while holding an iPad and a toolkit.


Fastest Time To Pick Up Three Dice And Place Them In A Plastic Cup Using Foot

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. picked up three dice and placed them in a plastic cup using his foot in 4.59 seconds.

02:26 United States

Fastest Time To Eat 12 Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken Wings With One Hand

Michael Whities

Michael W. ate 12 Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings using one hand in one minute, 52.00 seconds. WARNING: Speed eating can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional speed eater. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.


Fastest Time To Peel A Calamari Ring While Wearing Boxing Gloves

Pedro Elias

Pedro Elias peeled a calamari ring in 16.83 seconds while wearing boxing gloves.


Fastest Time To Arrange Five Dice With The Same Number

Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay M. arranged five dice with the same number in 0.11 second.


Fastest Time To Say "Egg" Five Times

Evan Grandage

Evan G. said egg five times in 0.90 second.

United States

Fastest Time To Stand Three Hotel Toiletries Up

Vito O.

Vito O. stood three hotel toiletries up in 1.74 seconds.

02:33 England

Fastest Time To Perform 100 Keepie Uppies With Foot, Knee, And Head

Laurent Kelly

Laurent Kelly performed 100 keepie uppies using his foot, knee, and head in two minutes, 9.47 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Stack Three Golf Balls

Vito O.

Vito O. stacked three golf balls in 6.54 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" On Piano Using A Pencil

Nicholas Lambert

Nicholas L. played Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star on the piano in 6.00 seconds using a pencil.

United States

Fastest Time To Pick Up 17 Markers From The Floor With One Hand

Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins picked up 17 markers from the floor using one hand in 3.70 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Complete Baby Park Course In "Mario Kart: Double Dash!!" (GameCube)

Ryan Hawkins

Ryan H. completed the Baby Park course in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! in one minute, 10.98 seconds.

United States

Fastest Time To Stack Four Jenga Blocks

Vito O.

Vito O. stacked four Jenga blocks in 0.29 second.

United States

Fastest Time To Walk 200 Yards In Snowshoes

Kellie Gregoire

Kellie G. walked 200 yards on snowshoes in one minute and 18.78 seconds.

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