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United States

Most Unread Emails In An Inbox

Marco Araujo

Marco Araujo has 326,548 unread emails in his inbox. See full-sized image here.


Most Spam Emails In An Inbox

Adam Hartshorne

Adam Hartshorne has 221,931 spam messages in his email inbox.

00:06 United States

Most Messages In A Facebook Email Thread

Ece Yener

Ece Y. created a Facebook email thread that contains 686,311 messages.

00:30 United States

Most Unread Emails In Inbox

Joey Manansala

Joey M. has 4,294,967,256 unread emails in his inbox.

United States

Longest Active Email Address


Zachary has an email address 411 characters in length. The active address (confirmed to verify record): hi-this-is-the-longest-email-in-the-world-and-is-much-superior-to-contact-admin-hello-webmaster-info-services-peter-crazy-but-oh-so-ubber-cool-english- tag:RecordSetterBook01


Shortest Email Address

Benjamin Bailey

Benjamin Bailey has an email address seven characters in length. The address is tag:RecordSetterBook01

United States

Longest Gmail Thread Between Four Or More People

D. Goulet

D. Goulet and his friends created a Gmail chain 101 emails in length.


Most Unread Emails Sent From The Same Email Address In One Day

Dantis Joe

Pete Moyer has 20 unread emails sent from the same email address in one day.

United States

Most Unread Emails In An AOL Message Inbox


Joaniebalonie has 38,293 unread emails in her AOL message inbox.

United States

Most Emails Sent From A Gmail Account

Samir Malik

Samir Malik has sent 17,883 emails from his Gmail account.

00:11 United States

Fastest Time To Login In To Yahoo!


Keegan F. logged into his Yahoo! account in 2.70 seconds.

00:6 Canada

Fastest Time To Log In To Gmail

Kamran Fekri

Kamran F. logged into his Gmail account in 1.16 seconds.

United States

Most Emails In A Gmail Priority Inbox

Philip Kaplan

Philip Kaplan has 196 emails in his Gmail Priority Inbox.

02:14 India

Most Words Starting With Letter "A" Received In An Email

Dantis Joe

Dantis Joe received an email with 13,802 words starting with the letter A.

03:05 England

Fastest Time To Send A Message From Email To A Pager

Conor Morgan

Conor M. sent a message from his email account to his Motorola Adviser Gold pager in 46.50 seconds via PageOne Communications network.

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