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01:08 Canada

Longest Time To Balance A Wine Glass And Three Shot Glasses On Ear

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a wine glass and three shot glasses on his ear for 8.10 seconds. The glasses were placed on the topof a three-foot long pole.

02:08 Canada

Longest Time To Balance 7-Golf Ball Tower On Ear

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a towercontainingseven golf balls on his ear for 17.95 seconds. He completed the feat on his knees.

01:13 United States

Most Ear-Ring Flips In One Minute While Juggling Three Rings

Michael Karas

Michael Karas performed 46 ear-ring flips in one minute while juggling three rings.

04:09 United States

Longest Whisper Chain

Jake Bronstein

Jake Bronstein began a whisper chain that successfully passed through 59 people, a new world record. With his girlfriend Kristina Hoge completely unaware of the plan, Bronstein sent the message “Kristina, will you marry me?” around a roomful of strangers. After the proposal passed through 59 people, a random stranger whispered the message in the ear of a completely shocked Hoge. She accepted onstage in front of a jubilant, tearful crowd. Bronstein set the record on July 14, 2009 at a World Record Appreciation Society[] event in New York City. Dan Rollman and CoreyHenderson were present to witness the feat. [#WRAS07][] tag:RecordSetterBook01

03:08 United States

Longest Mandelbrodt Ear Chain


At a weekend retreat, a group from Reboot set the world record for Longest Mandelbrodt Ear Chain by arranging a chain of participants who each held a piece of mandelbrodt between their ears. The feat was officiated by RecordSetter President Dan Rollman.

04:28 United States

Most Toothpicks Inserted In A Stretched Earlobe

Sandi Cummings

Sandi C. inserted 140 toothpicks in her right earlobe. She set the record as part of an assignment for her English 101 class.

01:31 Slovakia

Most Clothespins Attached To Ears

Pavol Durdik

Pavol Durdik attached 27 clothespins to his ears.

02:42 United States

Smallest Target Knocked Off Ear Using A Yo-Yo

Brad Byers

Brad Byers hit a 10.35-millimeter aspirin tablet placed on his assistant's ear using a yo-yo. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional stunt man. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.

01:00 Australia

Most Ear Wiggles In One Minute

Jacob Blackburn

Jacob B. wiggled his ears 175 times in one minute.

00:38 India

Most Ear Wiggles In 30 Seconds

Devanshu Pramod

Devanshu P. wiggled his ears 100 times in 30 seconds.

01:12 United States

Most Ear Wiggles In 30 Seconds In A Prius

Prius Records

This record was set as part of Prius Records, a two-day event streamed live on the Internet. In a 48-hour period, URDB officials adjudicated 200 Prius-related world records. This was the most records ever documented in a 48-hour window, a world record in and of itself. The event took place in Los Angeles, California on March 30th and 31st, 2011. See all the records set at the event here.

01:17 United States

Most Coins Magically Pulled From Behind Someone's Ear In One Minute

Warren Kay

Warren Kay magically pulled 26 coins out of Mason Kay’s ear in one minute.

00:55 Canada

Heaviest Weight Lifted With Earrings

Ryan Stock

Ryan Stock lifted 55 pounds of weight using his earrings. He set the record to celebrate RecordSetter World Record Day. #WorldRecordDay2012

01:01 Canada

Heaviest Man To Touch Own's Feet To Ears


Matt Alaeddine, who weighs 438 pounds, touched his feet to his ears. Ryan Stock served as a witness to this attempt.

03:57 Canada

Longest Time To Balance Three Golf Balls On Pole On Ear

Doug McManaman

02:44 Canada

Longest Time Balancing A Baseball On A Pole On Ear

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman balanced a baseball on a pole on his ear for one minute, 37.50 seconds.

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