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01:07 United States

Most Ten-Pin Bowling Strikes In One Minute

Michael Hamilton

Michael H. threw 11 ten-pin bowling strikes in one minute.

05:46 United States

Highest Backwards Bowling Score

Andrew Cowen

Andrew Cowen scored 280 points in a single game of backwards bowling. He completed 10 straight strikes during the attempt. Cowen set the record at Don Carter Lanes in Rockford, Illinois.

01:25 United States

Most Bowling Balls Held At Once


Tyler S., a member of the Crazy Pinz team, held nine bowling balls at once.

02:31 United States

Tallest Bowling Ball Tower

Eric Smyth

Eric S. stacked seven bowling balls in a tower.

00:55 Germany

Most Bowling Pins Knocked Down While Swallowing A Sword

Franz Huber

Franz Huber knocked down 14 bowling pins while swallowing a sword. WARNING: This record can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 and trained as a professional sword swallower. We will not accept submissions in this category from minors.


Most Disney Princess Bowling Pins Knocked Over By A Baby

Molly Nussbaum

Sixteen-month-old Molly Nussbaum knocked over seven Disney Princess bowling pins.


Youngest Person To Bowl Over 100 Points

Brawly Jacobs

Five-year-old Brawly Jacobs bowled a game and achieved over 100 points. He has a birth defect which does not prove a hindrance in his interest in this sport. Read his story here.

01:00:27 Canada

Most Duckpin Bowling Pins Knocked Down In One Hour

Francis Levine-Croteau

Francis Levine-Croteau knocked down 4,718 duckpin bowling pins in one hour.

01:10 Canada

Most Duckpin Bowling Strikes In One Minute

Francis Levine-Croteau

Francis L. completed 14 duckpin bowling strikes in one minute.

00:48 Canada

Most Bowling Strikes In 30 Seconds

Francis Levine-Croteau

Francis L. scored eight strikes in 30 seconds while bowling.

06:57 United States

Highest Between-The-Legs Bowling Score


Mark Vetter scored 280 points in a single game of ten-pin bowling, releasing all the balls between his legs.

01:14 United States

Most Weddings In A Bowling Alley In One Day


A total of 10 weddings were held at Crazy Pinz Entertainment Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They set the record to celebrate Valentine's Day.

00:28 United States

Most Catches While Juggling Four Bowling Pins

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankey made 39 catches while juggling four regulation-sized bowling pins. He set the record to celebrate World Juggling Day. #WorldJugglingDay2012

00:36 United States

Most Perfect Games Thrown In Wii Sports Bowling

Nicholas J

Nicholas J got 250 perfect games in Wii sports bowling.

01:09 United States

Farthest Distance To Throw A Cricket Ball

Roald Bradstock

Roald Bradstock threw a cricket ball a distance of 435.04 feet (5220.50 inches).

02:42 United States

Most Times Throwing A Bowling Ball Onto Forehead, Balancing It, Rolling It To Neck, And Bouncing It Back To Front Of Body In One Minute

Brian Pankey

Brian Pankeythrew a bowling ball onto his forehead, balanced it, rolled to the back of his neck and then popped it back to the front of his body 12 times in one minute.

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