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00:20 United States

Fastest Time To Complete Ten Back Flips On A Trampoline


Freya performed 10 consecutive back flips on a trampoline in 8.28 seconds.

04:08 United States

Fastest Time To Perform 50 Back Flips

Jaret Salas

Jaret S. performed 50 back flips in three minutes, 33.08 seconds.

00:10 United States

Highest Step Used By A 6-Year-Old For A Back Flip

Trent Martin

Six-year-old Trent M. performed a back flip off a 78.74 cm step. NOTE: This record can be dangerous. Please use adult supervision and safety equipment.

00:7 United States

Highest Tandem Back Flip

Doug Williams

Doug Williams and Judah Teista completed tandem back flips by jumping off a platform twelve feet high. They beat their previous record by four feet. Both are trained athletes and had supervision on hand.

01:25 United States

Longest Back Flip On A Trampoline


Thomas performed a 323-centimeter back flip on a trampoline.

00:41 United States

Most Back Flip Burpees In 15 Seconds

Justin Case

Justin C. performed six back flip burpees in 15 seconds.

00:38 England

Most Back Flips Completed In 30 Seconds While Someone Is Performing An L-Sit

Ben Friday

Ben F. completed eight back flips in 30 seconds while his friend performed an L-sit.

00:13 United States

Most Back Flips During A Single Diving Board Dive

Maegan Butler

Maegan Butler took a single dive off of a diving board, performing 2.5 back flip rotations before entering the water.

United States

Most Back Flips In "Hill Climb Racing"

Mathew krause

Mathew K. performed 89 back flips in Hill Climb Racing.

00:49 United States

Most Back Flips On A BMX Bike In "Grand Theft Auto V: Online"

Ian Ernst

Ian E. performed two back flips on a BMX bike in Grand Theft Auto V: Online.

00:48 United States

Most Back Flips On A Trampoline In 30 Seconds

Greg Roe

Greg R. completed 35 back flips on a trampoline in 30 seconds.


Most Back Flips On A Trampoline In One Minute

Joe Lynch

Joe L. performed 41 back flips on a trampoline in one minute.

01:26 Czech Republic

Most Back Flips On A Wet Trampoline In One Minute

Petr Janík

Petr J. performed 30 back flips on a wet trampoline in one minute.

09:56 Australia

Most Back Handsprings With Sword Swallowed

Aerial Manx

Aerial Manx completed one backflip while swallowing a sword. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should only be attempted by trained professionals.

00:56 United States

Most Backflips By A Monkey In 15 Seconds

Russell Madness

Hunk, the co-star of Russell Madness, completed 11 backflips in 15 seconds, a World Record. RecordSetter adjudicator Megan Johnson oversaw the attempt.

01:52 Australia

Most Consecutive Alternating Back And Front Flip Jumps On A Trampoline

Ben Hogan

Ben H. alternated between back flip and front flip jumps on a trampoline 102 times.

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