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Most Straight Leg Curl-Ups With A 10 Pound Medicine Ball In Three Minutes

04:07 United States

Alicia Weber performed 215 straight leg curl-ups with a 10 pound medicine ball in three minutes.

Most Inverted Rows Using Two Fingers On Each Hand

01:05 United States

Alicia Weber performed 25 inverted rows using two fingers on each of her hands.

Most Consecutive Push-Ups With An Elevated Leg On Three Medicine Balls In One Minute

02:57 United States

Alicia Weber completed 41 push-ups on three medicine balls in one minute with her one leg elevated.

Longest Plank Exercise With Arms Extended

01:07:57 Canada

70-year-old Flavio Codarin performed an extended plank exercise for one hour, two minutes and 14.00 seconds.

Most Consecutive One-Armed Clapping Push-Ups While Wearing A Boxing Glove

01:51 France

Guillaume B. completed 46 consecutive one-armed clapping push-ups wearing a boxing glove

Most Push-Ups With 100 Pounds On Back

02:35 Canada

Darryl Learie completed 13 push-ups while having 100 pounds of additional weight on his back.

Longest One-Armed Deadhang Using A Towel Grip

00:37 United States

Alicia Weber performed a one-armed deadhang exercise using a towel grip for 32.52 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete A Combination 500-Meter Run And 36-Foot Arms-Only Rope Climb

09:05 United States

Alicia Weber completed a 500-meter run and a 36-foot arms-only rope climb in two minutes, 4.72 seconds.

Fastest Time To Complete 1500-Meter Run And 96-Foot Arms-Only Rope Climb

14:18 United States

Alicia Weber completed 1500-meter run and 96-foot arms only rope climb in seven minutes, 18.28 seconds.

Highest Score In Towel Pull-Up Pentathlon

23:21 United States

Alicia Weber earned 122 points in the towel pull-up pentathlon.

Most Push-Ups While Balancing On Top Of Two Skateboards

01:20 United States

TheSkaterG completed 60 consecutive push-ups while balancing on top of two skateboards.

Longest TRX Two Medicine Ball Knee Tuck Push-Up Cadence Test

05:15 United States

Alicia Weber performed the TRX two-medicine ball knee tuck push-up cadence test for exactly five minutes.

Most Shoulder-Level Perfect Pull-Ups

02:18 United States

Alicia Weber completed 57 shoulder-level perfect pull-ups.

Most Reps Bench Pressing A 365-Pound Barbell (Athlete Under 235 Lbs.)

01:01 United States

Clint P. bench pressed a 365-pound barbell eight times. His body weight during the attempt was 234 pounds.

Most Variations Of Five-Minute Leaping Mountain Climber Records Set In One Hour

26:07 United States

Alicia Weber set four different five-minute Leaping Mountain Climber records in one hour.

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