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Most Consecutive Bar Dips In One Minute

01:48 United States

Andrew S. completed 48 consecutive bar dips in one minute.

Most Bar Dips In Five Minutes

05:00 United States

Alicia Weber completed 91 consecutive bar dips in five minutes.

Most Sit-Ups In 30 Minutes

32:39 United States

Alicia Weber completed 1,032 sit-ups in 30 minutes.

Fastest Time To Complete 500 Chin-Ups And 500 Push-Ups

50:49 United States

Alicia Weber completed 500 chin-ups and 500 push-ups in 48 minutes, 53.73 seconds.

Most Deep Squats In Three Minutes

03:08 Bulgaria

Radi M. completed 201 deep squats in three minutes. Read more about the feat here.

Longest Consecutive Cadence Strict Form Spiderman Push-Ups

11:42 United States

Alicia Weber performed continuous cadence strict-form Spiderman push-ups for exactly eight minutes.

Most Countries Visited In 24 Hours

01:09 Australia

A team of four travelers – Yvo Kuhling (Netherlands), Liselott Martynenko Agerlid (Sweden), Philomena O'Brien (Australia) and Todd Hepworth (Australia) traveled to 17 countries in 23 hours, 30 minutes. They visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands. The trip began at Samac in Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 1, 2012 at 20:43. In each country the team got out of the car to step foot in the country and take a couple of photos. A cracking playlist and in-car menu kept the team's morale high throughout the attempt. A GPS tracker recorded the trip at around five minute intervals and included each country as well. Learn more about the feat here.

Longest 6-12 Inch Straight Leg Hold

36:57 United States

Alicia Weber performed a 6-12 inch straight leg hold for 31 minutes, 36.58 seconds.

Most Consecutive Double Bar Flexed Hang Knee Tucks

01:22 United States

Alicia Weber completed 139 consecutive double bar flexed hang knee tucks.

Longest Time For A 9-Year-Old To Hold One Basketball In Each Hand

05:42 United States

Nine-year-old Jack Thompson held a basketball in each of his hands for four minutes, 0.16 seconds.

Longest One-Armed Plank While Juggling Two Balls

01:18 United States

Nate T. performed a one-armed plank for one minute, 5.44 seconds while juggling two balls.

Most Consecutive Two-Finger Strict Pull-Ups

03:03 United States

Alicia Weber performed 24 consecutive two-finger strict pull-ups.

Fastest Time To Complete 100 Tricep Pushup/Freestyle Medley

06:28 United States

Alicia Weber completed a 100 tricep push-up/freestyle medley in five minutes, 41.35 seconds.

Most Consecutive Dips With Band Resistance

02:10 United States

Alicia Weber completed 41 consecutive bar dips with band resistance.

Most Panama Kicks In One Minute

01:34 France

Guillaume Bourgeois completed 122 [panama kicks][1] in one minute. [1]: http://lineout.thestranger.com/files/2008/01/dave_kick.jpg

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