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01:08 United States

Youngest Baby To Stand On One's Hand

Tai Star

Tai Star's son, Vincent, stood on his father's right hand. He was 130 days old at the time of the attempt. NOTE: This record is dangerous and should not be challenged by others. The category is closed.


Youngest Boy To Write The Periodic Table Of Elements

Daksh Choudhary

Eight-year-old Daksh Choudhary wrote all 118 symbols from the periodic table of elements.

00:09 United States

Youngest Person To Recite Zach Galifianakis' "My Beard Hurts" Quote

Silas Good

When he was just 735 days old, Silas Good quoted Zach Galifianakis' ’“My beard hurts” joke from the character portion of his performance in Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion. In the performance, Galifianakis portrays a five-year old with a beard.

00:40 Canada

Youngest Person To Juggle Five Large Balls In A Cascade Pattern

Patrick Fraser

Patrick Fraser juggled five balls in a cascade pattern. He made the attempt at 13 years, three months, and seven days old,

00:36 United States

Youngest Person To Perform Five 223-Kilogram Squats

Yeonsoo Chung

Yeonsoo C. performed five 223-kilogram squats. He is 19 years old.

00:24 Canada

Youngest Disabled Athlete To Wheelchair On The Peak Of A House

Benjamin Hagkull

Benjamin Hagkull, a disabled 12-year-old boy, wheelchaired along the peak of a roof. NOTE: This record is dangerous. Please do not attempt this record without proper training and safety precautions.

02:10 United States

Youngest Person To Solve Three Multiplication Tables


Two-year-old Siddhu correctly solved the 2, 3, and 5 multiplication tables. He can also count from 1 to 1,000 and can add any two numbers between 1 to 100.

00:28 United States

Youngest Person To Deadlift A 500-Pound Weight Five Times

Dhyquem Lewinson

Dhyquem L. deadlifted a 500-pound weight five times. He is 14 years old.

01:17 United States

Youngest Person To Recite All 66 Books Of The Bible

Luke Taylor

Luke T. recited all 66 books of the Bible. He is five years old.

21:44 Australia

Youngest Person To Circumnavigate The World By Motorcycle

Mike Schram

Mike Schram circumnavigated the world on his motorcycle at the age of 19. It took him and his team three and a half years to finish the attempt.


Youngest Mother To Summit Mount Kilimanjaro

Giselle Camoens

Giselle C. summit Mount Kilimanjaro at the age of 29 years, 9 months and 24 days old. She is a mother of a two-year-old child.


Youngest Romance Fiction Novelist

Rishiraj Sen

Rishiraj Sen published a romance fiction novel at the age of 15.

09:06 United States

Youngest Person To Identify 115 Countries


At 22 months old, Siddhu identified 115 countries on the world map. He knows the alphabet and likes to learn new things.

00:06 United States

Youngest Person To Consecutively Throw A Basketball And Kick A Soccer Ball

Jacob Franklin

Jacob F. consecutively threw a basketball and kicked a soccer ball at 14 months old.

28:42 United States

Youngest Girl To Complete A Grade 8 Keyboard Practical Exam

Rebecca Sheila

Rebecca S. completed a grade 8 keyboard practical exam. She is 11 years old.

00:49 Greece

Youngest Player On "Championship Manager: Season 00/01"

GAMMA Records

Kaltzone included 11-year-old Cristian Artaza in his team in Championship Manager: Season 00/01.

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