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01:07:47 Canada

Most Push-Ups Performed By A Person Over The Age Of 60

Flavio Codarin

Flavio Codrin, a man over the age of 60, completed 1,232 non-stop, full push-ups.


Oldest Person To Set 1,500 RecordSetter World Records

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman has set a total of 1,500 RecordSetter world records. He is 72 years old. See all his records here.

01:20 Canada

Oldest Person To Set 500 RecordSetter World Records

Doug McManaman

Doug McManaman set 500 RecordSetter world records. He is 68 years old.

00:43 United States

Youngest Person To Hold 300 RecordSetter World Records

Tai Star

At 9,093 days old, Tai Star holds more than 300 RecordSetter world records. See his records here.

01:11:06 Canada

Most Push-Ups With 40 Pounds On Back Performed By A Person 70 Years And Over In One Hour

Flavio Codarin

Flavio Codrin, a man over the age of 70, performed 1,200 push-ups in one hour while carrying an additional 40 pounds of weight on his back.

00:9 United States

Highest Average Age Of Three People Riding A Three-Person Bicycle

Bob Swaim

Bob Swaim (66), Stanley Wohlbach (92), and Joseph Zeller (93) rode an unorthodox three-person bicycle on the Saucon Rail Trail. The average age of the three riders stood at 83.3 years at the time of the attempt. Read more about the feat here.

01:03 United States

Fastest Completion Of A Six-Piece Puzzle By A Two-Year-Old

Nigel Henderson

Two-year-old Nigel Henderson completed a six-piece puzzle in one minute, 0.27 seconds.

06:06 Malaysia

Youngest Savant Autistic Artist To Hold A Solo Art Exhibition

Delwin Cheah

Delwin Cheah, a nine-year-old savant artist, held a solo exhibition in Penang, Malaysia featuring over 70 of his own original artworks. Delwin was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. He started to draw at the age of three and has a passion for drawing animals.

02:41 United States

Longest Planking By An Eight -Year-Old

Daniel Terestenyi

Daniel Terestenyi, an eight-year old, planked for two minutes, 5.05 seconds.

07:04 New Zealand

Oldest Wood Used To Make An Electric Guitar

Joh Lang

Joh Lang of Langcaster Guitars constructs guitars using wood that’s 35,000 years old. He’s used carbon dating methods to confirm the wood’s age.

00:30 United States

Greatest Age Range Among Attendees At A Toastmasters Event

Marsh Winds Toastmasters

26,657 days seperated the eldest and youngest members at a recent Marsh Winds Toastmasters meeting in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

08:23 United States

Youngest Person To Ride A Motorcycle In 'The Globe Of Death'

Maximus Garcia

Maximus Garcia rode a motorcycle in a metal sphere known as The Globe of Death[] when he was four years, six months, and 28 days old. Maximus is a 7th-generation Garcia circus performer/daredevil. He travels eleven months out of the year, performing in The Globe of Death all around the world. tag:RecordSetterBook01

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