Youngest Person To Assemble The Lego London Tower Bridge

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Youngest Person To Assemble The Lego London Tower Bridge



Toronto, Ontario, Canada / March 5, 2011

Serena Henne completely assembled the Lego London Tower Bridgewhen she was 6 years, 11 months and 27 days (2555 days) old.

- must assemble Lego London Tower Bridge
- no adult assistance permitted


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  • Canada George Henne

    Congratulations! It took almost 3 years for someone break this record.

  • The Internet marco

    Thats impressive girl! dad most be proud. !!! my son (Storm) did it in 2 days.. having said that hes 7 years and 4 moths... so big credits to serena!!

    Storm is now rebuilding a monumental building from the netherlands.. from scratch no buildijng instrustions just pictures!! if anybody likes it i can post pics of the progress!

  • The Internet marco

    thats impressive.. my son Storm did it in 2 days... but having said that.. hes 7 and 6 moths..

  • The Internet timothy


  • Canada George Henne

    Yes - with 4,287 pieces, it took 8 weeks of steady work.

  • United States Brian Pankey

    Serena you are on your way to becoming an architect!

  • United States Rob Birdsong

    Did Serena make this entirely by herself ?

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