Longest Tongue

United States Nick Stoeberl


Monterey, California, United States / November 1, 2011

Nick Stoeberl's tongue measures four inches (10.13 centimeters) in length.

- must measure distance tongue extends from closed mouth
- length must be measured by a doctor


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  • United States Pete Moyer

    Pete Moyer

    Nick "The Lick" Stoeberl. I like that.

  • United States Nick Stoeberl

    Nick Stoeberl

    Gladly Corey,

    Guinness sent me the following criteria, which I referred to when getting evaluated and measured by medical staff.


    1. In order to be measured, the claimant must stick his/her tongue out as far as is comfortably possible, and then have it measured from the tip to the middle of the closed upper lip.
    2. Three measurements must be taken on one occasion and the average of the three will be the accepted figure.
    3. The measurements should be done by qualified medical practitioners, physiologists, a member of Guinness World Records or similar.
    4. The name of the person being measured should be given, along with the date and place.
    5. Medical statements must be provided, these must state the measurements.
    6. Video and photographic evidence of the measurement taking place must be submitted."

    I gave you a copy of the medical statement in SF, but I'll email another just to be sure, as well as the full video of the medical evaluation.

    And Stephen Taylor of the UK actually had his tongue Measured at 9.8 cm and should be considered longest by them currently... As I'm about to send in my documentation :D Chanel Tapper with her massive tongue holds the record for women.

  • United States Corey Henderson

    Corey Henderson

    Guinness claims that Chanel Tapper with 9.75 cm from tip to "upper lip" is the record for outright longest. Nick, can you help us with how tongues should be officially measured?

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