Most Tennis Racquets Strung By A Group In One Hour

United States


Tampa, Florida, United States / September 19, 2015

Members of the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians strung 119 tennis racquets in one hour.

The participants were grouped by teams represented by participating sponsors Alpha, Babolat, Gamma, Prince, Wilson & Yonex. Each group had its own team leader and judge pre-assigned for the attempt. They set the record at their annual symposium in Tampa, Florida.

- no skipped holes allowed
- group members may assist person stringing racquet
- all strings must be properly tied off
- racquet must be inspected by group leader and declared successfully completed to be counted
- racquet can be strung using two pieces or one piece of string
- must follow form of current world record holder
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States Corey Henderson

    How big can the group be? If I had 1000 people would that be allowed? This is very cool by the way. I used to string my own racquets back in the day.

    • United States IART

      Hi Corey - I didn't set any limits on group size because quite frankly, getting that many stringers in one place at one time is only going to happen at an event like this, not to mention how hard it would be to get the number of stringing machines together if someone actually wanted to attempt to break the record.

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