Most "Temple Run" Games Played (Mobile)

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Simsbury, Connecticut, United States / December 12, 2013

Ryan W. has played a total of 4,311 Temple Run games.

- must follow RecordSetter video game rules
- must provide video evidence


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  • United States World Records For Everyone!

    Hello ryan can i just ask you a quick question, are tablets allowed?

  • India Arpit Kapoor

    Heyzz post a video not a photo this is cheating ,,,,,you

    • The Internet Ryan Weiss

      ask somebody that you know who knows all about photoshop or Adobe illustrator or anything like that if this photo was manipulated. I don't even have any of those programs on my Mac. I don't cheat and I hate negative people. If this photo was manipulated, I never would've attempted this record because I knew I didn't really own it. And also, I think that a photo like this one would be hard to manipulate, due to the bending of the light and shades. If you look at your Temple Run lifetime stats, the only thing that's the same, is the way the background looks, not the numbers compared to mine!

    • United States Jenn Wark

      We do still need video evidence, as per the game rules. We have had manipulated submissions before and the easiest way to prevent them is simply to remove the option to do so.

    • The Internet Ryan Weiss

      I also currently have a video of a different record I'm attempting and it's taking a long time for the record setter people to review and know if it should be a record or not.

    • The Internet Ryan Weiss


  • Philippines MaAnn P.

    Moving forwards, we will be phasing out photo submissions of gaming records. Please shoot a video of your final screen to avoid any debate re: manipulated images.

    • The Internet Ryan Weiss

      I don't mean to be arguementative, but should I have really posted 4,308 games of me playing Temple Run with at least 1/3 of the games being at least 25-30 minutes long? that would be a little ridiculous to me. Since I'm trying to go for the record of most games played, I would think that in order to beat that record you wouldn't have to use video evidence of all games.

    • The Internet Ryan Weiss

      i think i misunderstood what you said. sorry about what i previously posted! so from now on, i shoot a video of a run on temple run and when its over i show my all-time stats. is that what you mean?

    • United States Jenn Wark

      Yes, please! We're moving away from still submissions -- videos are way better and far more interesting. Just a video of your stats, since that is what this record is based on, is perfectly fine.

    • The Internet Ryan Weiss

      cool. I get you now.

    • The Internet Ryan Weiss

      also, I'm sorry for sounding a bit "too defensive" on my earlier posts!

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