Longest Television Marathon

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New York City, New York, United States / April 10, 2010

Aaron Rosenthal, Alex Green, and Michael Berlin watched every episode of the TV series LOST from May 19, 2010 to May 23, 2010, a total of 94 hours, 50 minutes and 42.00 seconds.

They set the record to raise money for Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and The Nature Conservancy. Read more about the feat here.

- participants must watch on one television only
- must watch one TV show only
- may take five-minute breaks for every one hour of watching
- must have at least two witnesses present at all times
- must record a list of all shows or episodes watched and exact timings
- eating and drinking must be done while watching
- must take bathroom visits during breaks
- must provide video evidence


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